Will Power- An essential weapon for surviving and thriving…

Biologically life is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signalling and self-sustaining processes (i.e. living organisms) from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (death), or else because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate but life has an altogether different face also. Life is not as easy, it is much more difficult than we actually think it to be. Life is complex and brings about complexities in different forms and so it is to be understood that life is not a bed of roses. It shows us good as well as bad times.

Everyone can survive in good times and stay happy and can be smart with words and go on saying words of philosophy. It is only during the bad times that the real substance in a human being is witnessed. When he/she can fight through the bad and the unfortunate times and be as strong as he was during the good times and when he can face the jeering throng. ‘Bad times’ are not so bad in the true sense of the word. They have positivity too. For instance, they make us much more stronger then we were before, it makes us wise, experienced and reasonable. Plus, we are able to make distinctions between the bad and the good when we actually live the bad phases of our life. Gradually we become more cautious and careful and take our future decisions carefully for which we don’t repent. Unfortunate times can come in different forms: seldom professional loss brings about drastic change in our lives. The other day I was reading Q and A where Ram was sharing the experiences of his journey in order to become a millionaire he met an astronomer who had made a discovery of a star in the field of astronomy whose credit were stolen by another astronomer. Then, he lost his senses after that by drinking, shouting and abusing both his wife and daughter. Another instance could be of a student, who can face bad times by not getting admission in colleges, by not getting professional success during the most crucial phases of his student life, sometimes faces problem because of some of his class mates and friends but these kinds of struggle makes us strong, brave and more than anything else wise. We do shed tears in pain and grief and we feel frustrated and traumatised but viewer’s these are just small examinations that god takes and he only makes us pass them. Everyone has to face adversities in some or the other phase of their life. Viewer’s, you may recall I talked about an astronomer above. By his example what I was trying to say was that he lacked will power which was the only thing he needed during that phase of his life. By will power I mean a sheer fire to improve and think optimistically in the worst of times. Will power is the only way to fight the bad and the wrong doer and certainly abominable times. We all should have a pinch of will power in us because it indeed is much needed. Don’t fear the bad, fight the bad. You may shed tears which nobody sees and you may fall possibly a repeated number of times but don’t forget that you have willpower and that you will get up and fight the bad again. So, try and inculcate this trait in you. Good times and Bad times go hand in hand. If the bad times are there good aren’t far behind as we all know every black cloud has a silver living. Reader’s, no wrong doer goes unpunished. Never forget everybody gets his share of justice and punishment. So believe in yourself, time and god. Everything will be perfect with time and also time has the power to heal every pain. So, have faith and don’t forget the will power because it is the biggest weapon to fight during your worst of times. Lastly, be optimistic and I will again say what I have said before in my article have willpower and more than that have faith in your willpower. ‘Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity and willpower.‘




By the dubious title of my article viewer’s you might not understand what my articles plot is all about. So, let me enlighten you all . Q and A written by an Indian diplomat Mr Vikas Swarup is an excellent and an original book. Mr Swarup is indeed a great and an accomplished story teller who was born in Allahabad, India into a family of lawyer’s-. He is a civil servant in specific an I.F.S. officer. During his visit to London he had come up with this idea to commence this project, interestingly! The Oscar award winning film “”Slumdog Millionaire”” directed by Mr Danny Boyle inspired its plot from that of this book.

The book carries 12 questions my intellectual viewers and  I would share one of them with you.

Set in India, the story revolves around Ram Mohammad Thomas and to some extent around his best and the only friend Salim who was inspired by Superstar Armaan Ali-, wants to be an actor, and in fact, in his words a Hero. Now, let’s come back to Ram Mohammad Thomas. Quite a strange name , Isn’t it? It carries almost all the religions in one single name (Hindu, Muslim, and Christian). Abandoned by his mother, he is a young orphaned waiter who had managed to answer the entire set of 12 questions and from a waiter he becomes the winner overnight of the biggest quiz show of the nation hosted by Mr Prem Kumar Who will win a billion (WB3), for which he is imprisoned strangely on the grounds of no evidence. Oh, come on now with the petty minded people around us how can you expect more than the very thought that-_””How can a waiter who was poor and uneducated can win a quiz show for intellects and literates”. Then, the story follows where Ram tell his journey of becoming a billionaire from a slumdog to his sympathetic and kind lawyer Smita Shah. Though the story is set basically in Mumbai, Agra and Delhi non – chronologically. He shares his unique, cruel and at the same time bizarre experiences with Gudia who he very well knew as he was her neighbour during his stay in the chawl who was older to him and came in front of him as his lawyer Smita Shah. From his stay with the English speaking priest to his stay with the Australian family -“”the Taylors””- and Mr Taylor was the -“”Man who knows””-, according to Ram and his smart escape from kidnapper Maman along with his dear and I believe the only friend Salim and how like a film’s hero he saved Gudia from his drunken father who sexually harassed his daughter almost everyday and how he was so lucky that the quiz master only asked him the questions which he knew through these experiences. Like for instance, he worked as house help in an aging Bollywood actress -“”Neelima Kumari’s””- house and to his surprise the question  number 10 asked to him was that : Q: Neelima Kumari , The Tragedy Queen , won the National Award in which year ? Was it a) 1984, b) 1988, c) 1986, d) 1985 and kudos to Ram he correctly answered the question by choosing option d) 1985 and the host was himself thunderstruck on his answer-. He was able to answer the question because he had spent days at Neelima’s place as a helping hand and during his conversation with the old Bollywood actress he got to know these things about her as she told him such things. So, this is how due to a series of such experiences he had won this quiz show.

Does he get the billion he won? Does he get justice? Readers’ you will have to flip the pages to the epilogue’s section to know that. And, to know Ram’s journey from staying in the biggest slum in Asia (Dharavi, Mumbai) to winning the biggest quiz show of the nation you will have to read the pages of this poignant and amazingly structured book. As far as my experience as a reader is concerned after reading this book I’ve realised that somewhere something known as destiny does exist which is not of self – control and is sometimes unfortunate, heart – rendering and painful but sometimes is unexpectedly beautiful and lovely and brings about the all the good things in our lives and also Ram is an highly inspiring and unquestionably my favourite character who is strong hearted and confident and I would love to be as strong as Ram. Lastly, mark my words reader’s you will enjoy this piece of writing.

Jai Ho!

The Essence of education in our lives …

What is the significance of education in our lives? On the first place why is education needed? Education as defined by many is our ability to read and write along with the moral values we inculcate in our student hood but its definition has changed in accordance to time. With time, it has being given an altogether different meaning by our society. Simply speaking education broadens our horizon and our views.From ignorance it takes us to the path of enlightenment. It teaches us the importance of, perseverance and endurance. The beauty of education is lost because today’s generation has to cope with a different form of education which is highly marks oriented, has turned into a dirty rat race followed by getting admission in colleges or schools by hook or by crook. Education’s alter ego in present time is business, exploitation and extortion. Education was perfectly defined by Noble Laureate Guru Rabindranath Tagore “‘Where the mind is without fear …”” who himself was informally educated. But today’s students have their minds full of fear, the ambiance such that they work under pressure, they get educated or learn with fear due to various reasons such as cut throat competition etc. The very system of present day education has the ability to generate discontent among the masses.

Education is of two forms: Formal and informal. Formal education is when we receive a degree for what we learn. And, informal education is not receiving a degree for what you learn. And, that is the real education where you understand the very fact that what you know is yours. No one can take that away from you. You don’t need a degree for the things you know. That is your knowledge, and that is your power. We get formally educated and at the same time we get informally educated. We should not fear learning but enjoy it. Our attitude should be such that we are always eager to know, learn and as each day passes improve ourselves in the field that interests us.

We should love to learn. Nowhere success is guaranteed in future, even if your mark sheet looks good with the good grades. Success is a gradual process of hard work, and god’s decisions for our lives. As they say, Man proposes and god disposes. Things get ruined in a blink of an eye, and things become amazing in a blink of eye too. So, success is a fusion of luck and hard work. Luck is not in anyone’s control but hard work is. So pledge to yourselves that you will work hard and make efforts. And, don’t be anxious about the results because if you have honestly worked then god will definitely gift you with the results-.

In addition, there are many people who are university drop-outs and have done really well like Mark Zuckerburg and Steve jobs-. On the other hand, Sameer Gehlaut the Founder of India Bulls and also the owner of-,_ Flipkart, Sachin and Binny Bansal are very educated and successful. So, education is important but at the same time not fate deciding. Then, people like Tiger Woods, Amy Winehouse somewhere went wrong with their lives when it comes to real education and values, as they were unsuccessful when it comes to their personal lives though they were professionally successful. Resultant, we should learn from others mistakes, be ethically sound and be honest to our profession. Lastly, knowledge is power. So, have faith in what you know.

Watch out for my next post! 😉


Given the excellent performance of Shruti (Anushka Sharma) and Bitto ( -Newbie Ranveer Singh). This film has managed to acquire rave reviews across the country and many Filmfare, and other national awards. We’ve had enough reviews on Band Baaja Barat. Why do we require another one? This question is fair enough by the readers. The answer to this is, among the heap of laurels a -_””huge fan””_- has the right to add another one!

Band, Baaja, Barat are the three most essential components of a lavish big fat Indian wedding. The very title “Band Baja Baarat” suggests the plot of the film””-. Also, the title is very unconventional so it definitely has the capability of attracting and producing a sense of curiosity in the minds of millions of viewers around! Humor is present in the very foundations of this film. This is one of the most out of the box films made in the history of film making in the Indian Cinema. One of the most successful films of year 2010 under the “Yash raj banner” doesn’t carry a social message but it is a paisa vasool as termed by many and a hundred percent entertainer which also proves the fact the conventionality is not always the -“‘best”‘- choice! It revolves around a fun loving, and a street smart college student and a quirky, pretty and an aspiring wedding planner. They meet each other when Bitto gate crashes a wedding in search of good food and accidentally meet each other as destiny has it in for them and gradually become business partners after Bitto’s enough of dramatic pleading and the -‘”bread pakore ki kasam””- she finally agrees, and co-ordinate with each other in all the works they receive as business partners and finally happens the establishment of Shaadi Mubarak which makes them the hero of Janakpuri and later they go on to the Sainik Farms and start working for the elite there. With many successful weddings, they become known and start making huge money. But, what is a typical Hindi film without difficulties and obstacles!

Due to their personal conflicts, their relationship and more than that their business relations ends up on the rocks. Then came two different Shaadi Mubaraks! Oops, no a correction. A Shaadi Mubarak belonging to Shruti Kakkar and a Happy Wedding belonging to Bitto Sharma and both were disastrous to the core because Shruti and Bitto were nothing without each other and could only work as a team. Do they come again together? Do they again manage to make a great pair? For that you will have to watch the film, and mark my words, it’s a must watch- and you will surely enjoy it.

Ciao for now and watch out for my next post!

Why is New Zealand among the least Corrupt and India among the most?

Corruption has become one grave issue which is being talked about by masses all around the world. This problem has come to wield global importance and countries surely understand the gravity of this problem.

Corruption is something which is being indulged in by high-flying politicians to small hawkers and vendors. This evil exist at every possible level.

For instance, at smaller scale people encourage corruption by bribing police inspectors or officials belonging to lower levels of government establishments when they are caught breaking government rules or they are stuck in some dispute. As corruption, has various forms and faces: another example could be that producers indulge in adulteration of products, black marketing, many people don’t pay their taxes timely and honestly.

At a higher level, government officials of higher designation indulge in corruption by taking bribes, not serving the country honestly and by generating money through wrong ways and means by getting into an alliance with corrupt politicians. A stupendous example for the above could be: An I.A.S. couple found in possession of assets & liquidity worth Rs.360 crores, by income tax department. Isn’t that a sheer shock when the salary of a bureaucrat is not more than a lakh/month?

At even higher levels are the politicians who are the parasites of the economy, who suck money instead of blood and it was rightly said by a Swiss bank manager that ””India is poor but Indians are not poor””. These politicians earn black money through every possible illegal ways and deposit it in the Swiss Banks and try to hide it from the tax officers. In addition, politicians buy votes by bribing general masses which includes the poor and the unaware. Other occurrences of corruption are the Telecom scam, the Common Wealth games fiasco. These happenings are highly disconcerting. Corruption not only affects the economy but also affects the general masses, the poor and the poverty-stricken as they due to deficient earnings can’t meet their basic everyday needs of shelter, clothes and 3 meals a day becomes a luxury for them. Corruption results in the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer and it becomes more & more complex and difficult to bridge that divide.

According to the Transparency International, which is a global civil society organisation has surveyed the corruption perception levels in 183 countries(2011 report). India is at the 95th position. Being awarded the score of 3.1 out of a 10 in comparison to New Zealand which is at the top most position with an excellent score of 9.5.
Now the question arises, why is New Zealand the least corrupt country on earth? I guess, this is one heck of a country where we have an aware and an honest population. The reasons are very simple for it being among the least corrupt nations around. New Zealand has less of public sector corruption on which the survey conducted was based, the less of briberies by public sector employees, the minimum kickbacks in public procurement and embezzlement of public funds and lastly they have an effective public sector anti – corruption efforts. New Zealand has surely been blessed with amazing citizens and political institutions and establishments. India now should pull their socks, and take some inspiration from New Zealand when it comes to corruption.

Corruption has been embedded in the very working of our bureaucracy and political system. Is corruption an unavoidable evil?

No, corruption is not an unavoidable evil. But, has been assumed to be one by the politicians (public servants), civil servants and the working force of our society. And if, I must dare to say even by the masses.

Corruption has to be eradicated. Efforts for this is certainly being done; as leaders like Kisan Baburao Hazare popularly known as Anna Hazare who is a prominent leader in the anti-corruption movement in India. And, have been propagating awareness about corruption, sincerely fighting for the very motive of eradication of corruption through advocacy of the Jan Lokpal Bill, having discussions with the government and by generating a huge supportive mass. There should be a pay hike for public servants, medical, housing and other facilities should be enhanced for everyone, bureaucrats should exercise their powers without fear & favour.

This effort has to begin from the grass root level. I, you and all of us should discourage corruption from the smallest scale and do our best to finish corruption from the country. And, the results will soon be seen at larger and higher levels and definitely the society will be positively affected at a lavish scale by our small initiatives. If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now, put foundations under them and soon we will be if not free of corruption, we will surely have less of corruption in the society. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “”be the change that you want to see””.



My Understanding of Terrorism

Is terrorism a mere explosion of crude bombs or a devastating incident that ruins families, lives and affects the economy on a massive scale of the affected country? Terrorism is an issue of great concern which has affected possibly every country of the world, discussed at every possible forum. There have been momentous occasions in the history of terrorism which has affected a large number of people. For instance, the 9/11 attack brought about tremendous misery and anguish all across the United States of America and beyond. An explosion at the twin tower (World Trade Centre, New York) and the result were millions of debris around. Millions of people across the world were affected in the aftermath. The scars were so deep that the twin tower took a lot of time to recover and passers by get nostalgic and still shed tears in the memory of their loved ones whom they lost in that incident.
Muslims were looked up to with immense suspicion because it was thought that the root of this unfortunate event was Islam. On the contrary, they were the biggest sufferers around. Muslims at times were compelled to hide their religious beliefs, due their being a part of a certain creed.
Another instance of a major terrorist attack, is the 26/11 mayhem, which took place in Mumbai, India. On the night of 26th November 2008 a small group of terrorists attacked and hijacked virtually the entire city. Many, many, lost there lives and there was huge damage to the property around. The Country was shaken. It was one of the most ill-lighted and gloomy days in the history of the Country. Public figures like Hemant Karkare the chief of Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) lost their lives in service to the Nation.
The tragedy of 9/11 & 26/11 were the darkest periods for both the countries. Not only do these events bring about social & economic challenges across the victim Countries. Relationships between Countries also end up on the rocks. Countries during such phases face hard times.
Those who are the root cause of these happenings are often termed as terrorist by the general masses. Who are these people? Where do they come from? They are a bunch of mentally unstable people who in the name of religion take up violent means in order to get their demands fulfilled. There is this misplaced impression in some quarters that the Muslims in general are terrorist sympathisers, these people belong to no religion, even though they claim to be Muslims. They don’t deserve to be a part one. Make no mistake Terrorism has different forms and all sorts of people belonging to different religions, countries coming from different family backgrounds with different financial conditions are involved in it.
We need to put an end to terrorism around as soon as possible, so that harmony, universal brotherhood and peace and love prevails around the globe. In order to achieve global peace we need to defeat the leaders of the world of terrorism. A spectacular glimpse was the end of the reign of a terrorism leader Osama Bin Laden at Abbotabad in Pakistan. So, in a nut shell we need to stand up against the evil cause of terrorism as a part of humanity, not people separated by borders created by man and fight against it sensibly and cautiously, which will soon ensure that the world would be terrorism free. If winter comes can spring be far behind?
Ciao!! watch out for my next post.

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