Creativity : Let your thoughts Fly without fear

The other day I was perplexed about which subject to write on, even though I had quite a few of them in my mind. Out of the blue, my poet friend suggested me a very uncommon subject to throw light on. At least, it didn’t occur to me at that moment, and now it indeed is one of my favourites so far. Creativity, whenever I think of this term, my thoughts start flying, and I become so imaginative. The more I think the more I realise the worth of creativity in our lives, which will be argued upon by me in my article. Absence of creativity would stop the functioning of a healthy, a good and a free brain.

Formal education as it is makes our brains pretty tense, fearful and pressurised due to a lot of rote learning. My wonderful readers, in my opinion creativity is a form of education where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high and knowledge is free. It can also be defined as doing tasks with immense grace, and elegance, and calmness. We are the most gifted creation of god, and out of many of those gifts one of them is creativity. Every mind is intelligent just because every mind is creative, for it has it’s set of knowledge, views and thoughts. Creativity enhances the beauty of a person’s mind, heart, and it is the best way to understand what kind of a person that particular fellow is. With creativity, you can win hearts, discover yourself better and the world around you better. With creativity towers, legends, gadgets, fresh music, stories and a better and a more beautiful world can be created and minds can be changed. With creativity, changes can be brought about in the society, a change for the better. Creativity doesn’t limit itself to only penning down your thoughts in an innovative fashion with a free mind about anything and everything. Creativity has the ability to bring honour, happiness, pain, troubles, success and failure in millions of lives. It all relies on how this weapon is used by us. Wendell H. Anderson says creativity involves a leap of faith and confidence – faith in the creative process: ultimately art is a journey not directed by product but by the passage of thought, vision, intensive observation, time, and commitment.

My reader’s, creativity is a medium which will make you more confident and will increase your self-belief and will give you the power to dictate your life if not completely but definitely to some extent. The desire for change, faith in process, and the discipline to work is the critical components in becoming a more inventive artist. We all are artists who can carve a world as great as we foresee for others as well as for ourselves. One requires self-belief and faith to do something like this.

One final thought, ‘Creativity is more important than knowledge’

-Albert Einstein. So, stay creative and believe in yourself, as nature created you with a lot of believe and care.


Hope : The Backbone of Survival …

It actually fascinates me how a word as small as ‘hope’ can bear something as huge as earth similar to the way a mother bears a child. Hope through it’s love and care gives us the courage to withstand the troubles and sufferings we face. It is the medicine which can cure our sufferings and troubles. Hope gives you the desire to live and move on. The desire to believe if wrong has happened right is bound to happen. If today we don’t have a reason to live tomorrow life will sooner or later give us that reason of survival. Travis Johnson’s article ‘On Hope ‘ puts across us a plethora of beautifully and precisely explained thoughts on hope. For instance, ‘Hope happens when people can see a path forward’. I strongly support this thought. Hope is all about moving forward leaving behind the previously happened events or the past. It is to move on with the faith that, yes things will change and they will change for the better. Earthquake’s occur, accidents happen of various sorts ( From loosing a loved one to being mentally or physically tortured ), bombings make towers fall down, a water wave clears away everything leaving behind tears in millions of eyes. In addition, economies crash leading to an increase in struggle even to meet our basic needs e.g. food, shelter, fuel, clothes. The most recent example could be the Greek or the European economy. Even ‘after’ the aftermath of such disastrous incidents, life doesn’t stop nor it ever will. So, instead of crying over the past hopelessly it is better to fight with hope and try to stand back on your feet no matter how much time it consumes of your life but those wounds will stop bleeding and gradually with time your pain will heal.

Unfortunate and prevalent among the present day society is the ‘lack of hope’. In today’s world, happenings shakes a person’s confidence making them evidently hopeless and they least realise the fact that there are people who have suffered a similar fate but have met with an accident of a greater magnitude bringing about greater grief with them. Travis Johnson once again wonderfully defines hope ‘ Hope is such an uncomplicated word. One syllable, two vowels and two consonants.’ This thought is pretty ‘thought provoking’. Why loose hope? Readers, As far as my understanding of hope is concerned, well …. It is easier to be hopeful than be hopeless. Give it a try because it is worth one.

Dum spiro, spero (Latin), ‘While I breath, I hope ~ Latin Proverb explains it clearly that human survival is impossible without hope. To live is to hope. So, my dear reader’s have faith in life. Like a mountain withstands all seasons, similarly you can withstand all phases of your life. Stay hopeful, stay safe and lastly stay happy.


Beauty is more of who you are than what you look …..

Beauty is actually a thought provoking word. What really is ‘beauty’ ? Is beauty attraction to someone? Is beauty somebody’s complexion or features? Strange it is, but why does everyone around dies to be ‘beautiful’?

As far as I know, more or less people around don’t even have the foggiest of clue as to what beauty is. They have mistaken beauty for features, complexion, weight or height, body size. These things constitute temporary beauty that fades, which looses it’s value with time. Real beauty is something eternal and everlasting. I can envision that kind of beauty and I am aware of the fact that there can’t be something more loveable and appealing than that. How amazing would the creator of such beauty be ? It’s my heart’s desire to be a beauty of that kind. People today are ignorant and so obsessed with externally good looking people that they are forgetting the worth of the ‘real’ beauty as I put it. From eyes, Beauty is so different and it is so ‘beautiful’ in the true sense of the word. I sometimes wonder can something be so lovely. From my eyes , Beauty is not showing skin, having boyfriends and girlfriends to prove the fact that you are stunningly beautiful, or fancying a guy or putting on makeup or making somebody feel that they are ugly and you are not. From my eyes, Beauty is simplicity. It is honour. It is a Man’s or Woman’s pride. It is where you completely desire to loose yourself. It is humility. It is the ability to truly respect someone or the ability to give someone happiness. Beauty is loving someone from all your heart , making someone your everything where his /her success and happiness means so much to you and really wanting nothing in return. No matter how much he has. Beauty is tolerance. By tolerance I mean, even if someone hurts you then also you love that person, and always wants his good. It is when you love someone who hates you. It is when you are there to protect the one who needs you. It is when you appreciate someone with all your heart. It is having a good character. Audrey Hepburn says ‘The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides’ but I feel That she should have take a Man also into consideration. There beauty is also judged in a similar way.

My fellow reader’s if you desire to see beauty as graceful as this, then instead of checking out how gorgeous or hot someone is what kind of clothes they wear, just try to understand a person, and look only into that person’s eyes, you will automatically understand what real beauty is or how beautiful a person is or is not. Also, I really wish you all are blessed with such a person in your life. As, it is rightly said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

To sum up , I, you, all of us should try to understand that what actually is beauty and where are we going wrong that we actually are forgetting the true beauty. Beauty is you. As each day passes, improve as a human being. The better a being you become the more beautiful you will appear to the world. Also, never underestimate yourself. Effective thoughts can change minds by equally effective actions. Change yourself for the better, work on yourself and influence others for the good. Stay happy and stay good and love yourself.


Mother’s Day


First and foremost, a very happy mother’s day to one and all. Such a wonderful day to celebrate mother’s love, care and affection and showing our gratitude towards all the beautiful mothers in the world. It is rightly said, that as god could not be present everywhere so he had sent mother’s for all the kids of this world. A mother to love, to fight with, to care, to blame, to take for granted, to share your problems with, to hug when you do something good, to miss when she is not there. It’s a beautiful relation we share with such a beautiful person. To be personal, I have a lovely woman as a mother whom I love so much. So much so, that I call her my ultimate friend or my only best friend I believe. This is what I tell all my friends when they ask me, Hi Darshita, who is your best friend? I get into an argument the most with my mother because our opinions clash but even after that she is the only person who is most worried or concerned for me. Did I have my food on time? Is everything alright in my life? Am I studying properly for my exams? Am I happy?

I believe she is the only person who knows me the best, my dreams, my desires, my pain, my miseries, my weakness, my strengths. From my favourite cuisines to hobbies. She knows how huge a foodie I am. She is possibly the only person after my dad who guides me well, tells what is right and what is wrong and what I should do and what I should not and surprisingly I listen to each and everything she tells me. Otherwise, I will feel that I am showing disrespect towards her or I am breaking her trust. I can blame her for anything, and everything, but then I will go and cry my heart out to her only and she will be the only person who will completely understand me. She is my ‘strength’. I feel confident because I know that she is there always, and forever for me. She is so approachable, and amazing. Stevie Wonder rightly says Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. It holds true for my mother as well. Mothers are the most beautiful set of woman in this world. They can forgive our mistakes, cry in our pain and smile the most in our happiness. What ever I am it is definitely because of my mother. I owe a lot to her! She is one of my most valued possessions. On a final note, All I have got to say to all you reader’s is that nature blessed us with a mother. Love her, respect her, never break her trust. Be there when she needs you.

Courage : The food for survival in the worst of times

Courage comes across to me as a very ‘royal’ terminology. Isn’t it? Just think it over. Perhaps you will agree with my perception. Its origin is from the Latin word ‘cor’ meaning heart. Courage is the most effective weapon to confront the wrong or an intimidation or misery. Courage is an internal power to fight back with your fears. It is not liberalisation from your fears or trauma’s but a faith that makes you internally fight with them. It gives you the ability to say ‘Yes I can.. and Yes I will’. Courage is sticking out your neck for something you have faith. In my outlook, courage has no definite meaning. It varies from one individual to another. Mary Anne says that Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ This quote defines my thought in a precise fashion. Courage in my outlook, is having the self encouragement to get up the next day and fight with yourself. Peace even during the hardest of times is the best form of courage. For someone else, courage might be a ‘roar’, a fire of revenge, violence. Courage can make a victim or the suffered one into a warrior, into a soldier. Bad times will arrive at our door and enter our lives. It is only the presence of ‘courage’ that will make us strong when we are weak, when we are in a tragic position. Disheartening it is to see how many who face problems break down even without discovering the inner courage in them, without realising that everything can be all right again and they just loose hope of a better tomorrow. They ultimately kill their inner self. In fact, they just exist. Dear readers, courage is not absent we just have to hunt for it. It is within us. Somewhere I read, courage is like exercising of your muscles the more you do it the better it becomes or else it gradually looses it’s potential. You need to keep on reminding yourself that you are a survivor, that no matter how difficult life becomes or what kind of situation life brings in front of you, you will fight and win. No matter how long it takes. Believe in yourself. I don’t deny the fact that life brings about painful tragedies in each one’s lives. Tremendously miserable times which might make you feel that even crying for your entire life is less. In life things change, people change, undesirable incidents happen but we have to move on.

On a final note, try and be courageous in good as well as bad times as sometimes you have to fight for yourself, with yourself and for others also. Be like a soldier or a prince on a war front fighting for winning. The prince desires to win the war but our fight is with the grief and tears inside us and we have to make sure that they loose. Crave a world for yourself of love, happiness and be a survivor.


Why is humour necessary in our lives?

First and foremost before I start writing this article. Humour is such an interesting subject to write about. Isn’t it? Coming back to my topic now.

Now what the hell is humour or for that matter why is that some people should laugh or a have a good sense of humour or why is it some are like that and some are not? Now, according to Mr Bill Cosby ‘Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.’ Aha! I second to that. Mr Gandhi has a different take on it ‘If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.‘ Oh come on now anyone would have, as it is life turn’s out be much more tougher and painful than we expect or wish it to be and on top of all this if we stopped smiling then how miserable would it be. In my conception of humour, it is just another way to generate happiness and lots of laughter for yourself and the people around. In fact, I definitely would be sharing an outlook similar to millions around. Personally, speaking I think I have a reasonably good sense of humour and actually I am the ‘laugh a lot’ kind! but there can be moments when I can be way too serious which can make me a spoiler in many humorous situations. Apart from me, somewhere, I feel in this super fast cosmopolitan lifestyle of ours somewhere we are loosing on that happiness generating humour in our lives and stepping into the darker or lightless side of life which thereby gives rise to tears, miseries and most of all unhappiness. According to an article of 20 saddest and 20 happiest countries by Forbes a much-sought-after magazine, ‘legatum index’ (Legatum Institute part of billionaire Christopher Chandler’s Dubai-based Legatum Group) countries like Norway have the happiest set of people because of impeccably excellent living standards and a stunning per capita GDP of $ 54,000 dollar a year followed by Denmark at the second position which provides job protection and amazing schemes for the unemployed and then at third is the ‘nature friendly Australians’. It gives me immense pleasure to see how these countries ‘countrymen’ are happy and progressive. On the other hand, there are countries such as Ethiopia (Position.108) and Pakistan (Position.107) which have number of people who are unhappy and unsatisfied and that indeed is unfortunate. Now these were the people out of which some are happy and some are not. Now, if we come down a level little lower; i.e. to our personal lives. Yes, that is always the biggest issue  which would be fought over at a global forum among individuals. The solution to our humourless and unhappy lives is seeking humour in trivial yet crazy things like a funny scene in some random film or just a laugh with your respective families or friends, sometimes by pulling someone’s leg, just seeing a hilarious TV soap like the Bing Bang theory. The show is hilarious though! In addition, you can have a good laugh just by seeing any random hilarious sight or a photograph or video and laughing over a good joke or once in a blue moon you yourself can be the joker.

Humour is excellent for your health but should not be done at the cost of other’s feelings and sentiments. As it is life burdens humans with enough pain and grief why add another worm in a can already filled with too many. If someone doesn’t take it in a good spirit then don’t bother them. It’s good to have a good sense of humour but you don’t have to be harsh, cruel or insensitive for that matter. Care a little or Nothing would be better, if you can crack a joke that brings smiles on everyone’s face. At last, keep laughing and stay elated because survival in today’s world will not be so easy without these much  needed components. So stay safe and happy and make sure that you find a world of happiness and smiles for yourself.

What is it to be cool ?

‘Cool’, a much used and popular word among the present day generation. ‘Cool’ is a lucid English word with a set definition by the Oxford Dictionary but is perceived in hundreds of fashions by multitudes across the globe. For someone coolness is wearing an alluring gown at a prom party or dressing in a fancy manner every time they paint the town red, for others it is going on a long adventure trip, staying reserved and minding their own business, loving everyone around in their environment irrespective of their behaviour towards them. In short, everyone around wants be ‘kool’. For a cool person is loved by all and inspires all, who everyone’s craving to be like. He is the Man or Woman!! You know what I mean, right? My dear readers in my range of vision Coolness has a very different meaning altogether, it is not about hurting someone, about dominating or scaring someone away through your cruelness or harshness, or boasting about something or playing with someone’s feelings just because you want to have a good time. That’s pettiness and cheap. In my opinion, Coolness is respecting everyone for who they are as well as their views, loving someone unconditionally till your last breath for who they are but not what you can make them into, not tormenting somebody by hurting or abusing them for no matter what reason. According, to me what it takes to be ‘cool’ is being yourself and not making amends in yourself for some random person as I always say that so called random person is never satisfied. In addition, showing regard and compassion for everything and anything. According to me wherever and whenever a cool person goes he just spreads happiness and lots of it that even the saddest person there smiles. Be true to the world around you and moreover to yourself. Do something for those in need and rectify those in greed. That is the real coolness. Live, love and let live and love. In short, doing good karma is coolness for me. The other day, I was reading the TIME magazine survey ‘Crazy, Stupid, Cool ‘: People who mattered in 2011.

According to TIME, coolness is being comfortable in your skin and not needing anyone else’s approval for who you are and what you do and a person who is cool is tough but emotional at the same time. Cool is more how than what? I completely second to that definition of ‘cool’ by TIME. The honour was not given to Mark Zuckerburg ‘our Facebook creator’ or Kenneth Star but they had picked a Canadian actor ‘Ryan Gosling’ who indeed is the true king of cool as suggested by emeritus James Franco. He’s the only actor since Andy Kaufman to work as a waiter after making it in show business. Ryan Gosling the 2011 Coolest Person of the Year, is so cool that he refused to talk to ‘Joel Stein’(Journalist TIME) about this honour. So, all I have got to say, is stay happy, calm and lastly, KOOOL!!