Father’s Day

Before, I start with the content I would like to wish each and every one of you, A Very Happy Father’s Day. Today is the day to let your father know how much you love him, how much you care for him, how much he means to you, and you just can’t do without him. And no matter who stays and leaves your life you always need your -“”Dad””-.

My dad is indeed wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better father. Honestly speaking, I am actually not getting where to start from. A father has always been acknowledged as a girl’s first love and a son’s first hero. Not only is he my first love that he will always be- he is the most inspirational and approachable person I have in my life. I think he is the only person whom I love the most with all my heart-, and he knows me the best even if he doesn’t admit it. He understands the fact as to how emotional, sensitive or soft – hearted I am, and whenever I have cried a lot over anything in my life, he has always come to me and hugged me to tell me that he is worried then because he knows I am sensitive. Even if he doesn’t say it he is, and he also tells me that the impact of my crying remains in his behaviour for a week if not more wherein he is very upset but doesn’t show. As I am pretty hot – headed, I have fought with him many a times telling him my grievances, my anxieties, my problems, and troubles and blamed him a lot of times but he has always guided me well, tried to help and motivate me, has always taught me to fight telling me how strong a girl I have always been He has always taught me to be calm and think patiently, and he has always told, tells, and will keep on telling me that we as a family of four can’t do without each other, that even If one person is absent then the whole family will break, and that we as a family have to help each other in our problems. In other words, it is because of him that the family is one and it is because of him that we know so many good things.

During my failures – and trust me the list is not so short – even after reprimanding me he has always shown great faith in me, and, has always told me that if not today then tomorrow the lessons that I will learn from a particular failure will always act as an experience in making life’s decisions and, failures shall also become my reason for success which I might not realise today but are bound to realise sometime in my life. On the other hand-, during my days of success I haven’t seen a face happier than his. His happiness shows in the way he walks, talks, sits. Every time I do something good, I go and ask him: -“”Are you happy, and if yes, how much?””- He spreads his hands wide and says, -“”This much””- which always adds to my happiness.

He knows my favourite joints, my favourite colours and my fondness for clothes, books, and likes and dislikes. Even if, he doesn’t teach me for an exam but always comes at night to ask me  before the day of my exam, -“”Are you fine?””- or -“”Are we good?””-, and reassures me of the fact that no matter what, I am bound to be a success in my life. He is very strict and can scold me many a times and be angry at me a number of times, but I know no one, and I really mean no one, can love and has loved me more than him. He has cried more than I did in my tears, smiled whenever I did, and has always been there, and he repents if he made me sad. Another interesting thing is that he still sometimes holds my hand when he has to get out of the car and cross the road, and I become very agitated because I am not a kid anymore but he always tells me,  you will always be a kid for me and, that ‘Don’t try to act over smart’-, and whenever I tell him I want something he always gets it for me, may be my favourite magazine to my favourite ice – cream.

One final thing. I now realise I love my dad the most in this entire world, and he also loves me. It is just that he is unable to show or express that love sometimes. He is an awesome friend as well, and why only me? Many of us have lovely dads who love us and have faith in us when everyone else has lost it, and always get us the things we want. So, always love and respect your dad and be with him when he needs you-, and appreciate him and his achievements because he always tries to do the best for us. Have a great Father’s Day.


“Before you point dust in other’s eye, look at the stone in yours ” : The Blame Game played by all ….

Humans have mastered the art of blaming other people in their lives for some or the other problem they face. During such times people often use terms like,  -“”It’s completely your fault””- or -“”You are wrong””-. This -“”easy escape route””- exists at every possible stage of human life. Parents blame each other if the child is not faring well in her exams, a wife blames her husband for problems in their marital life, a sister blames her brother or sister if they are fighting over a broken toy, countries blame each other for the problems faced at a national level such as terrorism, a friend blames a friend if one of them behaves rudely or spoils a plan for a movie, a child blames his parents and friends for his habit consuming drugs, or smoking etc. In short, the trait of blaming is in our blood. For instance, for her sadness, unfulfilled desires or just to win an argument a wife blames her husband without even realising the fact that in that process of blaming him she is harming herself. She is also making life difficult and much more miserable for herself and her spouse. Another example could be a child blaming his parents or friends for his involvement in the -“socially unacceptable”- things  little realising that in no way  are his parents being harmed by his habits, and they themselves are the ultimate suffers. I am now in my late teens, and as I look back I realise that I have also played the -“blame game”-  quite a few times. Once, my mother didn’t ask me to have dinner at the dinner table, and in no time I filled my mind with negative thoughts that she dis not love me and care for me without even realising the fact that she had just come back from work and was so exhausted that she slept without even having her dinner. I did nothing, but in the process of blaming her I harmed myself by filling my mind with negative thoughts and making myself very upset. I then realised how senseless it is to blame someone else. Don’t let anyone walk over you, but then understand the fact that there are better solutions than -“blaming”-. The wife and the child I mentioned above can deal with such issues through more sensible ways. The wife is so selfish that she doesn’t even bother to see the fact that her husband is also going through a tough time and that as a wife it is her duty to support him and try to walk at a pace just like his. If, she understands the worth of that man’s presence in her life then she will accept and admit her mistakes also. Second, she will apologise if her desire was wrong. Trust me, just a -“sorry”- can save a relationship. She should learn how to forgive and forget. Life is too long to stick to one issue. His opinions and views should be taken into account by her. Moreover, one should try to recognise and embrace one’s own shortcomings and ask others for guidance when they need it, identify the things in their life that they are not happy about- and do something to change them.

The ways stated above might be the hard ways to be problem free in life but are sure to make you a happier, more sensible and a much more satisfied person. For, blaming yourself instead of others would lead to the road we all wish to walk on, the road of happiness, love and self contentment. Lastly-, to stay happy, and -“”before you point to dust in another’s eye, look at the stone in yours””-, you will surely find it, though unaware of our own filth.


The world has become a blame game,

and we the rebuking-moving-pieces in maim.

This game follows some common attributes

Of accuse-refuse and reprove-disapprove

And refute-confute

Just as we the pieces, like sordid boots

threadbare, thumping the ground

yet unaware of our own filth around.

Like a game of ludo we proceed

with a roll of ‘variable dice’ in a hope to cut the other

but the cuts we ourself bleed

we subsequently bother.

But this game like a ray, has yet met no end !

And like a poker play, seems to have a ‘win-win’ label

that neither the debater nor the blamed wants to leave the table.

Being one of it’s piece myself, I find

That blame-game has made the world half blind

and now all seem to suffer through hyper myopic eye sight

where a nearby stone is blur, but a distant dirt is bright.

Social Entrepreneurs: The real superheroes and social constructers..

Social Entrepreneurs: The real superheroes and social constructors..

Since I’d written an article on creativity my poet friend asked me to write another on innovation, but I came across the term ‘social entrepreneurship’. How well the topics creativity, innovation and social entrepreneurship gel with each other. Why do they gel so well? You will be answered as you read further. It has been a very hot topic of discussion for quite a few decades. Entrepreneurship gives you the ability to ‘get rich quickly’. The ‘big guys’ or the ‘fat cats’ of the world of entrepreneurship are termed CEOs (chief executive officers) or heads of MNCs (multinational corporations).

Who are social entrepreneurs? What is social entrepreneurship? What is the worth of their existence in society? And last, why should one aspire to become a social entrepreneur? Through my article it will be my modest attempt to answer queries of such kinds.

The premise with which I start will be of who are these people who have been termed social entrepreneurs. Elizabeth Chell’s book, ‘The Entrepreneurial Personality’ and other reliable sources have made me boil down to a definition. These people are basically innovators who explore opportunities which can accelerate the development of the society, they found business and do so from the recognition of the society’s most pressing socio-economic problems, which they endeavour to resolve through the identification of creative solutions. Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business (public or private) sectors, social entrepreneurs find what is not working and solve the problem by bringing amends in the system, spreading the solution, and persuading entire societies to take new leaps. The next question arises here is what on earth is entrepreneurship? People from all walks of life define it in varied ways. One among so many is: ‘entrepreneurship is the process by which individuals pursue opportunities without regard to the currently available resources’ (Hart et al., 1995). According to a layman, social entrepreneurship is about innovative, market-oriented approaches underpinned by a passion for social equity and environmental sustainability.

Through my understanding of this terminology I believe it is an exemplary way to take initiative at an individual level to bring a change for the good and address the current social problems of the society through creative and novel ideas in order to curb them. An example of this could be Muhammad Yunus’s Grameen Bank which spearheaded microfinance globally. By now, I and all you readers realise that the society can’t work without social entrepreneurs or saviours. They indeed are no less then a team of superheroes for the society. Thus, we can’t do without them and here is the answer to why we cannot do without these people. Just as entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, seizing opportunities others miss and improving systems, inventing new approaches and creating solutions to change society for the better and the good of all. While a business entrepreneur might create entirely new industries, a social entrepreneur comes up with new methods to social problems and then implements them on a lavish scale. Social entrepreneurs are united and are needed by their ability to:


  • Adopt a mission to create and sustain social value (not just commercial value);
  • Recognise and relentlessly pursue new opportunities to serve that mission;
  • Engage in a process of continuous innovation, adaptation, and learning;
  • Act boldly without being limited by resources currently in hand; and
  • Exhibit a heightened sense of accountability to the constituencies served and for the outcomes created.


On the final note, we all can be social entrepreneurs, those who will bring change, change for the betterment of the society and for people. We just need to believe and have the ambition to do so. At what scale you implement it further gives it the tag of a small- or a large-scale initiative, but do make a move. Be the social entrepreneurs of your own small world, as many small initiatives result in a greater result. This was the answer to why we all should be entrepreneurs. Wake up and go do something for the society you live in. Be inspired and enthusiastic.

Liberal Arts – A multifaceted line to pursue


Science and technology has always got an upper hand. Students especially in developing societies such as India, think of S&T as a better line to be pursued, less realising that how multi faceted and phenomenal is the field of liberal arts.

Liberal arts is authentically the study of subjects like History, Philosophy, Literature and many more. In a broader term, it’s a face of education that provides an overview of ‘humanities’(study of the human condition) or ‘arts ‘. According to Dr Michael Thomas (Concordia University, Associate professor) ‘Artes liberals are rooted in classical antiquity and refer to the general skills (= artes) a free person (=liberals) needed to contribute meaningfully to society’. To add, there are subjects like Communications, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Classical Studies, Public Affairs, Law and the list is pretty long. The question that will arise in many minds is that what actually do we study in liberal arts or how useful will it turn out be in our practical lives when it comes to earning your bread and butter, or how this field of education can benefit students.

What do liberal arts students learn? On the contrary, it would be better to say what they don’t learn. They enjoy the best of all worlds. One of the major privileges they enjoy is the multiple areas of interest they can explore. David Kogler, associate director of admission at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, gives us an insight of the diversity, in the field of liberal arts through the following words ‘Instead of learning only about business at a business school, a liberal arts degree will teach you about business as well as the history, politics and other areas that influence and shape the world of business.’ Henceforth it is not only the question of valuable and essential things that you learn through this line of education, but the higher order thinking and communication skills you develop, like learning how to adapt to different situations, that will ultimately lead to your success also counts. A liberal arts degree holder has a wide range of career options that they can pursue. To name a few, you can join the public/civil services, become a journalist, fashion designer, economist or historian, entrepreneur and so forth. If you’re worried about competing against those with more ‘practical’ or narrowly defined degree(s), such as business or engineering, don’t be. ‘Liberal arts majors are as competitive as any other student entering the job market,’ Peter Osgood, director of admission at Harvey Mudd College (CA) says that liberal arts disciplines require the student to think about, write about, and to understand a broad range of topics from many perspectives. ‘They have to come to some generalizations and realizations about the material they are studying, rather than simply learning how to do a specific task’. Liberal arts degree holders tend to be more creative, which will help them in the job market. ‘They generally take creative, unconventional approaches to solving problems, and they are more likely to be employed in positions where they have a creative or intellectual connection to the work. These skills are transferable to any industry’ (Prof. Osgood). So, jobs are not a very huge problem for a liberal arts major as there are a variety of fields to be explored. A student into this field do enjoy a number of plus points this field provides. Liberal arts disciplines enhances the preparation of a student for change or a changing scenario. It would help improve the learning ability and the thinking skills of a student (which is a pre- requisite in today’s work force). By obtaining a degree in liberal arts. You will be prepared for a lifetime of new and exciting opportunities, and the field gives you more flexibility, better marketability and tremendous skills. You will have gained the knowledge that is necessary to be successful in almost any field. Moreover, you will have the necessary confidence in yourself to take on the new challenges that lie ahead.

We have a number of world famous institutions for a liberal arts student. Some of them are the Oxford University, Carleton College, Princeton University, Harvard University and so on. In India we have the Hindu college, St. Stephens etc. In the recent times there has been specific initiatives by the private institutions such as the Shiv Nadar University, Azim Premji University, etc.

To sum up, do what interests you and make a mark in that field. Education should be received with pleasure and not pressure. It is simple: Do what you love and love what you do. No work is good or bad till the time you are happy and satisfied doing it. Be sincere and honest towards the responsibilities a certain job offer. Now, if you are opting for liberal arts, as I have done: You can with great confidence assert to anybody who ask that ‘why on earth have you opted for liberal arts‘? with it, I can do anything and everything.