“Appearances are deceptive’’

We mortals, often with great ease, judge those around us in accordance with face value, which is a matter of inexpressible sadness. We see what others make us see, or what we see directly from our -“”eyes””-. So, we accordingly judge people sans having the foggiest of clue as to how actually they are and what they have been through. When -“”human personality””- is a topic of discussion we generally come up with easy and expressive terms like aggressive, rude, ignorant, weird, good, bad or amazing and various other similar one’s for any random person who is known to us through whatever source (school, blood relation, etc). Due to our petty judgement we treat others in a highly shallow manner and the most amazing part is that all of us judge others as if we are the most qualified judges, even more than those hearing cases in courts almost every single day of their lives. So back to the content, as far as treatment towards others is concerned, there are many around who treat the vulnerable or the weak with utmost harshness or cruelty such as calling them names, boycotting them, just having a good laugh at them or bullying them or saying negative things to them that are sure to traumatise them. A group of people refers to a girl as aggressive and rude very easily without even trying to know why is she so. There could be a number of reasons: perhaps she was physically harmed or abused, so out of the fear that she might be harmed again she has become like this, or perhaps she is in severe pain which is a source of indefinable trauma to her and pulled her down almost in all sectors of her life similar to the way prices in the share market fall. Just because she is hiding the same doesn’t give a group of bullies the reason to further trouble or mentally hurt her. Ruthlessness is sure to be the alter ego of humans (thinking animals). Moreover, we reach a depth of ruthlessness from where we ourselves fail to realise what are we doing and what is the intensity of the damage that we are causing to the weak by our own -“horrible”- actions. Another essential point that we forget is that life is like a mathematical circle of 360 degrees measurement and at the same time like a roller coaster ride. By the former I mean that by hurting to the extent that someone sheds tears and changes as a person, we get their ill wishes, and no matter when we do that evil deed,  maybe in our teens (i.e. school days), the early 20s or 30s or whenever, you are sure to pay back for your wrong deeds at some point of time by becoming a helpless victim of circumstances just the way that person whom you hurt had become, mark my words: things happen in the blink of an eye and destroy everything and everyone knows nature plays fair. Second, life is indeed a roller coaster ride as the weak will fight and fight more and with a slow pace stand back on their feet and eventually after walking through the thorns will start walking on a bed of roses and from the lows in their lives will move towards the highs, whereas the predator will be just getting the opposite.

On a modest note, I have a message for the one harming or has harmed and also for the one who has been harmed or is being harmed. To start with the former, the other day I was reading a highly inspirational little note on Facebook by Ms. Oprah Winfrey (one of the most admired people around the globe) concerning the interview she took of the -“Kardashians“-. In that note, the line that caught my maximum attention and that I immediately made it my Facebook status was to broaden your view as far as the people around you are concerned, (These are not the exact words but this is an interpreted version of my understanding.)

Make an attempt to see what is unseen and know what is difficult to see in a person. Don’t see the face value, see the reason for the same – though it is difficult. It is very, very hard to get things back to normalcy after so many setbacks: trust me, even the hours of crying or the many sleepless nights seem less. Instead of hampering a person’s confidence more, help them regain it. We all have a heart which I don’t know how becomes really bad, but I know one thing that goodness exists in all. It is just that we need to understand and execute that. Being human is the best gift you give to yourself and to the one in need. Be a better judge of people by figuring out the hidden. I always say this and always will say this till my last breath. I believe that being good is very easy and it feels good to be good. I have heard people say that -“”a good heart is a very rare phenomenon in this world””-, but I think just the opposite: I feel all have it, but it is just a matter of accepting it and living with one for your near and dear ones and others also. Stay kind and honest and love, the world and its people.

For the second, don’t feel that you are not cared for and that you are neglected. You are the reason of many prayers of that one person who will love you truly all your life, who will cry in your pain, who will just want to be yours, who would want to be in your thoughts, heart and breath and who is yet to come. Really, I have also not had a very smooth life. In fact, I had a really rough one, too many tears, too many sleepless nights, fears, etc and by now I have mastered the art of tolerating and living with a false smile on my face, though I don’t wish to write on it anymore, but one thing I witnessed is that I have people in my life who hear me crying, who listen to my wishes, my desires and who want to see my dreams coming true and always wish the best for me asking for nothing in return. I am living for them even if not anymore for myself, and in wait of that person who will come and wipe away my tears, love me, understand me in the way nobody ever did and you will laugh when I will tell you that I love him from now only, even though we haven’t met each other yet and I have stood back on my feet to some extent because of the prayers of my loved ones and that one special person.

So, let us wait together, friends, and the countdown has already begun. You need to just keep running with great enthusiasm as success and happiness is running towards you and after all you need to reach that person whom you love just the way he or she does. You have no idea how eagerly they are waiting for you. In addition, your lows are making you wise, experienced, humble and sensitive. Fight with yourself and become so capable that you can fight for the needy, for justice, and for those in pain. Furthermore, I read somewhere that:
“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity”. Lastly, the biggest and the greatest form of education or knowledge in this world is “the language of love”. Learn it and live with it. You could share your experiences with me, I would love to and want to help If I could. Stay blessed and keep smiling as life is sure to give to you many reasons to smile.

A poem by my poet friend
The-virtual-you ..
masked by the super-natural view
misperceived in blind-human’s review..
Black as crow yet as sweet as Cuckoo,
Slow as tortoise yet determined to win,
without the wings, the penguin
yet strong among the winter winds.


This world’s gaining pace
This world’s changing face
Ah! How different thou appear?
But I can’t believe what my eyes do hear!