Success: A collection of baby steps …

I am writing this article after a pretty long break as my academics kept me pretty busy. So I just came up with this topic, ‘Success’, on which I was very keen to articulate my views. Now, back to my subject.

Every mortal has dreams. Dreams that they want to witness, dreams that they want to turn into reality. For the same purpose, they make efforts to reach that level of success, and they always desire to be at their best to see their dreams turn into reality. People look for immediate success without doing much as it was said (though these are not the exact words but an interpretation) by versatile thumri singer -“Girija Devi”- in one of her interviews in a magazine that I had incidentally come across. I second that view, as to climb the ladder fast we humans tend to take shortcuts, failing to realise that success has no shortcuts, which has been said by many an infinite number of times. Success is not within anyone’s control. Instead of looking for a road which gives you quick success which is of no use, as such a road is nonexistent, one must take small and effective steps to reach one’s destination similar to the way a new-born takes to reach where she wishes. You learn to walk in a certain mannner gradually and not at once. Also, in this long journey of ours we as travellers should not fear failure, as that is the path to success. Failure gives you the wisdom and experience that no other source can give. So, if failure comes your way stand back on your feet and start walking again, as the one who fails to achieve success is not a loser, but the one who stops trying certainly is.

To add a personal touch to this write-up, I myself have come across immense failure (may-be physical or mental) and I have a list of these which I would like to keep to myself, but the most appealing part of my journey in my opinion was that -“”I never stopped fighting and got up no matter how many times I fell””-. I certainly feel good about it, as the taste of success after failure and struggle is the sweetest. Furthermore, one learns to value success, even the smallest.

One last thought Success is a collection of small steps we take as the title suggests, but I would like to pause here as I have a completely different view of success. For me, more than success what matters is our love and passion for the work we do. Keep doing the work that interests you and success shall follow you. My avid readers: Don’t worry about the results, you are sure to reap what you will sow. Maya Angelou rightly put it through this quote: -“”Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it””-.  Good Luck and Stay Blessed. 🙂