Just do it – Dreams turning into reality


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney


-“”Dreams””- are very much a part of our existence. To dream is human. Imagine a world in which people did not have the right to -“”dream””-.

In plain English, we all have dreams and we want to live them. But, what does it take to fulfil dreams? What is it that we should be doing in order to live the days we envisage?

The first step to fulfil a dream is to have one. To be able to see it with eyes open, eyes closed. To be able to see it during the day and the night. Even if people call it day dreaming, big deal! You have sleepless nights because of that -“”one thing””- you want so desperately.

Trust me, if you know what it is all about then you are done with half of your journey. If you can dare to see a dream, then definitely you can make it happen! Nothing can stop you. You breathe that -“”dream””-, you complete a day living with that –“”dream””-. It is -“”your””- reason to live.

Personally, I want to write a book in collaboration with my father, earn a PhD from Cambridge, have an organisation of my own for humanitarian purposes, become a senior bureaucrat, start a business of my own and direct a film and act in one before I die. I want to live these dreams and I am working towards them though I need to work much more. It is good to dream and very inhuman to not dream. So, do dream!

The next step is to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself then what -“other’s say doesn’t matter “-. They will try to pull you down just the way one crab tries to pull another one down, but eventually you will reach your destination at your own pace. Believing is like water. As survival is impossible without water, similarly living is impossible without believing.

-Even if not even one person accompanies you on your journey to your destination, your faith in yourself will accompany you. There will be a time when the world will follow you, just because of that one thing I mentioned. So what, if you walked all by yourself in the initial stages.

The subsequent move that one takes is to have the urge or the willpower to do it. Just do it. Bang on. You know you want it and now you have to make it happen through actions because destiny and hard work go hand in hand. You cannot completely rely on destiny for something to come your way. You always have to make efforts, necessary and appropriate efforts to reach that level of success where, to the world, it just seems beyond reach, absolutely inaccessible.

-Also, only once in a blue moon does it actually happen that your dreams turn into reality overnight. It is more often a gradual process where you have to -“”keep working””-. We always see the product of everything. That is, if a person is at a certain position we see the beauty of the place where he/she is, whereas we ignore seeing the hard work through which he came there. All of us tend to believe this lot of achievers are -“”geniuses””-, and that being in that position is impossible for us. Apparently, these are normal people who just want to  -“”set fire to the rain””-.

One last thing. Be rationally optimistic. If a certain phase of your life was bad, it does not mean the rest of your life will be bad. Always remember, every black cloud has a silver lining. I don’t see a reason why people’s failure should make them suicidal? One should be learning from it instead of sacrificing their lives. Ignorance of negative agents is a necessity. Be focused and the rest can be avoided. In this life of dreams, don’t forget to love those who love you, and love those who hate you. Love is a very powerful weapon to overcome obstacles.

Good luck and – Just do it! (I am sure you all are Nike supports!).


Change agents: Those who have the willpower to make a difference


The very reputed college of India, St Stephens, recognised on Friday (7/12/2012) that one of it’s students “get-up-and go“ attitude has spelt development for hundreds of villagers in the hills of Manipur (a prominent state in north east India).

Mr Armstrong Pame joined St Stephens in 2005 with Physics Honours. The felicitation by his alma mater after all these years was a proud moment, as quoted by the -“Hindustan Times”-.

After joining the much sought after IAS (Indian Administrative Services) in 2009 his foremost aim was to work on the development of the village which he hailed from– Impa village.

Pame told the Hindustan times that this village sadly had no roads or electricity and it was his dream to provide “a basic road” so that in times of emergency at least a four – wheeler vehicle could pass through. Reading this, I felt we are actually so privileged!

After Pame joined the IAS, plans were under way for the deep corners of north-east India. As the sub-divisional officer of the Tousem Sub division (Manipur) he made every possible effort to pool in resources for the construction of a 100 km long road in this district .

While 60 km was in need of intensive repair work. Mr Pame told HT, that a 40 km stretch had to be constructed afresh. He got in touch with the people inhabiting the village and together they did a lot of brainstorming, after which they came to the conclusion that they would work to build roads in the area. As a result about 150 villagers agreed to provide firewood, manpower and other resources that they were able to. He requested his acquaintances to provide bulldozers and other necessary equipments at an economical rate.

Even though financing this outstanding project was a hindrance, fortunately it didn’t prove to be a deterrent.

According to HT, Pame told the villagers that he would pay a basic salary to the villagers from whatever he saved over the months. His family also actively contributed for the project. His mother pooled income from his father’s pension and his brother and his spouse also joined in. But they got a major boost when they put this initiative on, Facebook.

Now they have generated almost Rs. 16 lakh which undoubtedly is commendable. In future, this young turk has requested the Government of India to assist them.

One final thing one can infer from this in my view is that those who have a desire, do make a difference. We all should learn from this and try to use our knowledge and education to -“”make a difference””- and let it not go in vain. Think about it: can you make a difference just the way Mr Armstrong, a civil servant, did?

Forbes 2012 power list

Obama And Biden Meet With State Governors At The White House

6th December 2012

The Forbes 2012 “annual power list” was released on Wednesday, 5th December (2012).  The prestigious list includes CEOs , philanthropists and political figures, entertainment biggies who truly structure the world of 7.1 billion people .

The Forbes editors’ create this list on the following parameters:

— Power over many people

— Control over financial and other valuable resources

— Power in multiple spheres or arenas

— Active use of power

President Obama who won the presidential elections held this year against Republican party’s head and entrepreneur, Mitt Romney and was re-elected for the second term as the head of the United states bagged the first position. President Obama has four more years to push his agenda even as he faces major challenges, including an unresolved budget crisis, stubbornly high unemployment and renewed unrest in the Middle East.

But Barack Obama remains the commander-in-chief of the world’s greatest military and head of the sole economic and cultural superpower–literally the leader of the free world,” as told by Forbes.

This Harvard graduate has proven his metal and will be doing so till the time he completes his next tenure. He is not only a man of substance but an epitome of greatness.

The second most powerful celebrity in the world also happens to be the world’s most powerful woman, German chancellor 58-year-old Angela Merkel. She jumped up from the number four position in 2011 to take the runner-up spot on the 2012 list.

Merkel is routinely voted as one of the most powerful women in the world and Germany is financially sound: the biggest and strongest economy in Europe, 4th largest in the world, are a few extra ordinary facts related to her .

India is not behind in this, Mrs Sonia Gandhi (12) and Honourable Prime minister, Manmohan Singh (19) make it to the list.

Gandhi dropped a notch from last year’s list and ranks at number 12 this year ahead of Chinese Vice-Premier Li Keqiang and French President Francois Hollande.
Forbes said the 65-year-old leader of India’s ruling political party has the reins of the world’s second-most-populous country and tenth-largest economy.

Mr. Singh, the Oxford and Cambridge-educated economist is the architect of India’s economic reforms.

Also, Forbes termed Merkel as the backbone of the 27-member European Union, one who carries the fate of the Euro on her shoulders.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton placed 50th, with (Forbes) editors noting that by hitting the campaign trail for Obama, Clinton “cemented his status as a kingmaker”, along with his nonpartisan Global Initiative raising more than $71 billion in commitments to fund charitable action worldwide.

Turning to the silicon valley, 28-year-old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it to the list at position number 25 and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hold position number 20. Not to forget, Microsoft co-founder Mr Bill Gates (4).

Entrepreneurs are everywhere. Instead of saying, Mr Mukesh Ambani runs the country, Mr Kejriwal should have said he is among the few who actually run the world.

Mr Ambani who owns the world’s most expensive private residence (Antilla), ranks 37th in the list. Forbes said the petrochemical billionaire is India’s richest and Reliance Industries is the nation’s most valuable company.

Carlos Slim Hula, (owns assets worth $72 billion ) is 11th on the list on the basis of the strength of his wealth. Along with, New York’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg(16), Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett at (15) and Arcelor Ceo , Laksmi Mittal were among the few tycoons who made it to the list.

The list can be found in the 24th December new edition of Forbes.

Lastly, these are people like you and me who just have the fire to make it “big”. They realize their responsibilities and handle them with care. They are the people who inspire, perspire and desire just to make it “possible”.

If we believe in ourselves, then we all can make it big and do positive things for the society we inhabit. So, learn from them and live accordingly.

Catch you soon with the next post !

Barack Obama