Just do it – Dreams turning into reality


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney


-“”Dreams””- are very much a part of our existence. To dream is human. Imagine a world in which people did not have the right to -“”dream””-.

In plain English, we all have dreams and we want to live them. But, what does it take to fulfil dreams? What is it that we should be doing in order to live the days we envisage?

The first step to fulfil a dream is to have one. To be able to see it with eyes open, eyes closed. To be able to see it during the day and the night. Even if people call it day dreaming, big deal! You have sleepless nights because of that -“”one thing””- you want so desperately.

Trust me, if you know what it is all about then you are done with half of your journey. If you can dare to see a dream, then definitely you can make it happen! Nothing can stop you. You breathe that -“”dream””-, you complete a day living with that –“”dream””-. It is -“”your””- reason to live.

Personally, I want to write a book in collaboration with my father, earn a PhD from Cambridge, have an organisation of my own for humanitarian purposes, become a senior bureaucrat, start a business of my own and direct a film and act in one before I die. I want to live these dreams and I am working towards them though I need to work much more. It is good to dream and very inhuman to not dream. So, do dream!

The next step is to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself then what -“other’s say doesn’t matter “-. They will try to pull you down just the way one crab tries to pull another one down, but eventually you will reach your destination at your own pace. Believing is like water. As survival is impossible without water, similarly living is impossible without believing.

-Even if not even one person accompanies you on your journey to your destination, your faith in yourself will accompany you. There will be a time when the world will follow you, just because of that one thing I mentioned. So what, if you walked all by yourself in the initial stages.

The subsequent move that one takes is to have the urge or the willpower to do it. Just do it. Bang on. You know you want it and now you have to make it happen through actions because destiny and hard work go hand in hand. You cannot completely rely on destiny for something to come your way. You always have to make efforts, necessary and appropriate efforts to reach that level of success where, to the world, it just seems beyond reach, absolutely inaccessible.

-Also, only once in a blue moon does it actually happen that your dreams turn into reality overnight. It is more often a gradual process where you have to -“”keep working””-. We always see the product of everything. That is, if a person is at a certain position we see the beauty of the place where he/she is, whereas we ignore seeing the hard work through which he came there. All of us tend to believe this lot of achievers are -“”geniuses””-, and that being in that position is impossible for us. Apparently, these are normal people who just want to  -“”set fire to the rain””-.

One last thing. Be rationally optimistic. If a certain phase of your life was bad, it does not mean the rest of your life will be bad. Always remember, every black cloud has a silver lining. I don’t see a reason why people’s failure should make them suicidal? One should be learning from it instead of sacrificing their lives. Ignorance of negative agents is a necessity. Be focused and the rest can be avoided. In this life of dreams, don’t forget to love those who love you, and love those who hate you. Love is a very powerful weapon to overcome obstacles.

Good luck and – Just do it! (I am sure you all are Nike supports!).


5 thoughts on “Just do it – Dreams turning into reality

  1. very very well written darshita! even i am from the ones who dream ..dream..and dream.. 🙂
    and loved the second last line..
    “love those who love you…and love those you hate you.”
    wish you a good day ahead! 🙂

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