Angels do exist


The best day of my life was 28 July, 2013 which was a Saturday. Just the night before this lovely day, I was absolutely broken, scared and weak, but even if we make this weakness and fear our life, God has different plans for us.  An angel entered my life that very night. An angel that came to brighten up my life, to transform the pain into never ending tears into never ending smiles. I lived a day according to his will and after living that day I want to live many more days according to his will. And, I mean it. To add, I am writing this blog also because of him even though I had lost all the motivation to write.

My day began at 5:30 in the morning when I woke up with a smile. Then I went for a morning walk with my mother. I somehow managed to convince her. It was such a lovely walk because I shared so many things with her which I had kept within me for a while. I felt so light. After the walk I had a fresh cup of coffee and took a shower, dancing, singing, laughing and playing because I was really happy. I relaxed after the shower for about two hours and listened to my favorite songs. It was around 9 in the morning when I picked up a book titled, – Happiness and Longevity by authors like Shobha De and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and others. I read the book till 12 noon and it was a sheer pleasure to read it. Then I slept for two hours and after getting up I hit my study table and started completing my pending work which had piled up due to my absenteeism in school for more than a month. I did that till 6 in the evening with breaks in between because I was exhausted and so I was not able to do a lot of work. Plus, I was told by my angel whose name is Shubhankar to earn a hundred rupees by my hard work, and for that I was asked by my mother to water the plants in my house. By doing that, I earned a hundred rupees. Next, I got dressed beautifully in a white salwar kameez and went out for dinner to Claridges. At Claridges, I had my favourite dishes which included Chinese food mainly, such as noodles and Manchurian. I really enjoyed there. I had another task to do after dinner. I had to give the hundred rupees I earned to a poor chap, but instead of giving it to one chap I bought food from that money and gave it to a poor chap and his friends because they all seemed hungry. Then, I hugged all of them and marched back to my home. By then the clock had struck 9. I grabbed my pillow and opened my laptop and surfed the net till 10. Then, I lay down on my bed, closed my eyes and then started remembering my angel. I didn’t even realise and in no time I went off to sleep.

On a final note, all I want to say is that we all come across such people who become angels for us. So, have faith and keep a smile on your face. And Shubhankar, all I want to say to you is to always be there with me just the way you are now. Love you Shubbu. Stay blessed.

Ciao! Watch out for my next post!


3 thoughts on “Angels do exist

  1. true person is really a tough job to find out but if have found it then u r the lucky person….never lose him ….n cherish ur moments …God bless u :))
    n yeah nyc piece of wrintng as olwas 😉

  2. First of all may u and shubhankar live happy always…
    Its not easy to find angels in this world..
    But u are lucky that u got some ppl around u who take care bout u…
    Dun forget to keep that smile on ur face..
    Its important ..
    Will pray for u to be happy and congo for so many good works in a day
    and article as usual is awesome

  3. very nicely expressd .. keep writing .. nd about shubhanker coz I knw him persnly ..he is the persn from whom I learnt how to make every day special and memorable..he lives his life the way its meant to be .. he’s a perfect mentor u found…. nd I more thing live every day like there is no tomorrow….live life everyday as if its the last day of ur lyf..then u will feel what it is to live live shubhanker the choudhary 🙂 😉

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