Ways to stay happy


After a really long break, I’m making an effort to write again. I hope you all appreciate my come-back.

We all are living in a really fast world, where the world is too much with us. We hardly have the time to experience the happiness that life has to offer us. As a matter of fact, we are living  in such a fast and noisy world that we do not even realise what we are doing, what we actually want, and what we really want to say. And, most importantly, we forget that whatever we are doing at the end of the day is for -‘’happiness’’-, and we still just fail to remain happy.

We fail to realise that it is actually -‘’possible’’- to stay happy. Even in today’s time, when the odds are heaped up heavily against happiness. But the catch here is that one can remain happy only when one -‘’wants’’- to remain happy. So, desire it. And I will share my favourite five (it may interest you to know, that there are 25 of them) key tips to stay happy which I learnt after reading the book – Lessons from the Masters on Happiness and Longevity.

These guidelines have helped me, and I am sure that they will help you too. So, here I begin with the first one..

  1. Learn to let go

-It is easier said than done. But surely it is possible. Ms Shobha De rightly says baggage weighs you down, makes you miserable. What’s the point of going on with something that has soured? It could be a relationship with a lover, or a business associate. Once it’s over, it’s over. Move on. Take your time but do not keep brooding over it. This applies equally to a bad day or experience. Learn from it, but forget the negative emotion generated by it. It serves no purpose.

-2. Be Selfish, Be Vain

Now this does not mean you become self- centred and mean. Everyone wants to be known as a generous person, who helps others. Being ‘constructively selfish’ is very different from being ‘selfish’. To be constructively selfish is to give your own self priority. If you do not give yourself priority, you can never make anyone else happy.

As a responsible person you owe it to yourself to eat, live and look smart. If your own image is positive then you will convey positive vibes to those around you. A frustrated person, who is unable to address the issues related to his life that lead to a negative approach, will find it extremely difficult to overcome many hurdles of life. So, love yourself and spend a large chunk of capital on yourself – because you are worth it!

-3. Express Gratitude

If someone does you a good turn, let them know about it! Don’t expect everyone to be good to you. It is just not possible.  So, when someone does something good for you, write a note of appreciation. Pick up your mobile…. send a text message. These are life’s really priceless moments: stay tuned to them.

-4. Shut up

That’s right. Keep your trap shut. Not every argument needs to end with a decision. Life is more than just a game of outdoing a rival or the person you are arguing with. There is more charm in holding one’s peace, especially if tempers are running high, as mentioned by the versatile writer – Shobha De. If one person backs out and walks away, the argument will fizzle out.

I am myself a very aggressive person. But trust me, it is the most destructive emotion ever. It is has proved to be really harmful for me. So, I have brought it under check, by ways like drinking cold water when I am aggressive or doing back counting from 10 to 1. Or, I just back off and prove myself to be the bigger person.  Why don’t you do the same?

-5. Have a Heart

This is about compassion towards others. But on a more selfish level, it is also about following your heart. It has always been told us to do what you love and love what you do. So, if your heart isn’t in whatever you do, walk away. You can never succeed in either a career or a relationship that you are not into whole – heartedly. Just think of you being stuck in a job or a relationship that is only giving you grief! I’m sure none of you wishes to be stuck in such a situation. So, as we all know, life is too short to indulge in pursuits that are deprived of joy. So listen to your heart. As Ms. De mentions, -“”The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing””- (Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît pas). This was written by Pascal years ago.

As I end this article all I would do is to remind you that life is too short to hate, to do things that do not give you happiness and to give yourself pain of any kind. So, embrace it and love it unconditionally. And the moment you love it unconditionally you value each and every moment. As a result you enjoy life to the fullest. In this process of achieving happiness you shall find god. And, when you find god, happiness will find you and follow you!