The gate of life


Finally, the journey of my schooling comes to an end. I have always relished happy endings. And, surprisingly I scored a thrilling 91.25 per cent in the CBSE 12th Board exams. Now, I call this a really happy end to a story. The journey to achieve, this score was not as amazing as the number itself! School started for me on a really dicey note. As far as I can recall, I hardly went to school in April and May, and, for that matter, till mid July I wasn’t able to attend school due to unavoidable health conditions. I headed back to school in the later half of July missing a hell of a lot of the syllabus! Next what? I had lost the urge to study, and, I resisted going to school. It was uncertain whether graduating from school was on the cards for me at all. Undoubtedly, it was a very difficult time but, where there’s a will, there’s a way… No? If you agree, then ‘’bingo’’ you’ve hit the bull’s eye! With my will and courage, I managed to sail through. Moreover, my parents were extremely supportive. All they wanted was my happiness and, my progress. Marks were of no importance to them!  As a result, I was back with a bang with an amazing result in the -“Revision 1”- examination. -Sadly, difficulties kept on cropping up and, I was not keeping well from the health angle. Nevertheless friends are always an asset if they are true to you. A very dear friend of mine, Ms Agrima Kumar acted as an anchor to me throughout the session. She held my hand and, made me walk like a baby till the end and, I reached where I am today! Whether I performed terribly in my exams or, I cracked them… Agrima was there throughout. Also, I give immense credit to Ridhi and, to my good friend Neesha! Who took care of me. These were my very genuine friends, who made me what I am today. And, Ms Ching and Pallavi were a great help too. Lucky to have come across these assets, in this roller coaster ride of mine! Can you people, guess what I am missing on? Yes, my school staff and, the administration. From Madhu ma’am (the principal) to Mallika ma’am (the senior – head mistress), they were all a blessing to me! No matter how much I thank them, it’s still less. I really wish I get an opportunity, to do something for their good. Wow, that was a topsy-turvy ride I wrote about.  On an end – note, all I wish to say is that give people a chance, believe in them, and, understand that many of them are your well – wishers. Further, you’ve got to respect your elders and, most importantly, parents! After all, parents and your elders are your back – bone! You’ve got to believe in your friends, family and teachers for anything, and, they will never let you down in life. -Over and above all that, never stop fighting and, never stop believing in yourself! After all, you never know what life has in store for you! And, as far as I am concerned, I look forward to a bright and, an interesting life as a college student!


23 thoughts on “The gate of life

  1. Hey Darshita, that’s a great post . Thanks for opening the gates of your life to your fellow readers. Congratulations for scoring 91.25 % and especially for fighting hard for it .
    Looking forward to reading your next post. Keep posting .

  2. We achieve great things with a back straight as a stick. Congrats Darshita. I always told you that you were a genius.

  3. I’m so glad about what i just read! You indeed are an insipiration to others out there. 🙂 Congratulations on achieving this great score.. really happy for you! Looking forward for a celebration 😉 😀

  4. Thnx for inviting me to this article .NYC Article Darshita. I really respect that courage you show and way you trusted
    Your friends and teachers. It’s a strong task; which you have accomplished. And now the gate of life or real world as I would suggest has opened for you.1 pro tip:-
    Just do what love and you will sail through the journey called life. And lastly never give up.

    1. Thank you. I am honored. Really,you are a person of immense intellect! Lucky to have met you in Brit council and, lucky to have a friend – cum – mentor like you! 🙂

  5. always a pleasure to read ur stuff 🙂 i notice a change in your style, tho. your use of ‘bingo’ and ‘wow’, lends your blog a certain degree of casualness which is refreshing 🙂 . However, use a little more advanced vocabularily wherever necessary; it adds character to the essay. B)
    great work otherwise. Inspiring, mood-elevating, peppy (y) Keep it up

  6. Nice job. You’re an excellent writer, and your writing prose is thoughtful, easy to read, interesting, and rings true. Also, as a teacher (and former Fulbright English teacher at Tagore), I really appreciate how you’ve taken responsibility for your own education (unfortunately, in the United States students and parents blame everyone but themselves), have admitted when you struggled, and have learned a lot as a result. To me, this is true maturity and an indicator that you will be very successful in life. Good luck.

  7. School is the best time of one’ s life span..u expressed your joys , experiences in a breath taking way…take it as a foundation for more such future endevors and happy memories..great effort..keep discovering your potentials…

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