Another Black Day for Humanity

It seems the month of ‘December’ is destined to carry the dark burdens of humanity. Earlier we witnessed the ‘Nirbhaya Delhi Rape Case’ and now, the ‘Peshawar School Killing’. All the credit for this school killing goes to ‘The Pakistani Tablian’; who killed thousands of people, bombed over thousands of schools. Then they also shot, Malala Yousafzai, the young supporter for girls’ rights. And, when these ‘Merchants of murder’ weren’t satisfied with their fight against education, they targeted a crowded school in Peshawar.

On the ill-fated day of Tuesday, December 16th, 2014, seven terrorists belonging to TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) attacked the Army school in Peshawar. They killed around 132 uniformed school students of assorted age groups. Around 1,100 students were made to line up and were murdered with gunshots right to the head. In totality, these crude beasts killed 145 ‘faultless’ people. And as they killed them, their terrified parents crowded around the school gate praying for the survival of their kids.
To combat this attack, Pakistan’s Special Forces killed all the seven terrorists and rescued around 960 people. Around 130 people were injured, as quoted by: Major Bawa. And, the mastermind of this attack was a volleyball player, child killer named Umar Mansoor.
There was a wave of fury which crossed national boundaries, with condolences coming from around the world.

The ‘clichéd’ prime objective of TTP to conduct this attack was to take students and hostages and, demand their terms. The TTP members were carrying food and weapons and, were planning to mount a long siege. But, as told by a security official, that they just came there to kill and, they did so. Nothing else was on their mind.
Sadly, it is said that, this was the deadliest attack to happen in Pakistan, surpassing the 2007 Karachi bombing. Information given by various news agencies suggests that nature and preparation of the attack resembled to that of the Beslan school hostage crisis that occurred in Russia in 2004. Also, there has been much hype that this attack was a revenge for ‘Operation Zarb-e-Azb’ ( A military operation being carried out against the group in North Waziristan’s tribal region), and of course a retaliation for ‘Malala’s Noble Prize Win.‘

These ignorant terrorists get the encouragement to kill civilians by misinterpreting Quran. But interestingly, if you turn the pages of Holy Quran, it does not encourage killing of people. On the contrary, Quran (The holy book of Muslims) itself says that ‘death of one innocent man is equivalent to the death of the entire mankind’. Henceforth the entire mankind, died 145 times due to this attack.
If I get a chance, I would really ask them: What was the fault of these primary, middle or high school kids? What did you all achieve by killing them? And, I would say to them: if you really think over it you did not achieve the goal you attacked for. You all have chosen the path of hell and, not heaven.

On an ending note, we all should and, must come together and raise our voice against such gruesome acts and such merciless terrorists groups. It is not only the duty of trained officers and agents, but, it is also our duty to fight back terrorism. As worthy, alert and responsible citizens: it should be our prime concern to fulfill our duties towards our country. In the process of enlightening citizens, I would also like to mention that, “the government of all countries should remember and, implement their respective duties with utmost honesty in order to fight and combat terrorism. None of them should encourage it in any possible manner.’’ As an extension to the prior statement; ‘’It was good to see the Indian government putting Delhi on high alert post this school killing in Peshawar.” Governments take such steps to keep a check on terrorism. Other than this, let us all come together and pray for the peace of the souls of these innocent people who are not with us anymore. And, instead of crying (mourn we must for all times to come) for these lost souls… we should make our war against terrorism even stronger.


Let us dream of a world which is terrorism free! And, let us fight to fulfill our dream!
See you all with my next post soon!