Freedom comes across as a self-explanatory term which means “to be free”. To be free is not to be in bondage or captivity of any kind. Freedom for each one of us holds a different meaning coming from various interpretations. For a bird it would mean differently from what it means for a prisoner, or for a farmer. Therefore, it is a relative concept as well.

Freedom for a bird is high flight away from every cage that exists in this world. Free from all kinds of captivities. For a farmer, it is getting healthy and sound crops. Not getting sound crops would mean a lot of tragedies such as not being able to repay loans, suicides and so on.

Freedom, for me is not just freedom from those who wish to capture you, or your land. Freedom is to see smiling and happy faces all around me. Freedom for me is to not see a man dying without food. Freedom for me is to not see a teenager commit suicide due to pre-marital conceiving. Freedom is to not see an innocent being punished due to an inefficient and corrupt system of law and order. Freedom is to not see an old father seeing his son dying helplessly without food, milk, or proper medication. Freedom is to not see a nation-lover turning into a corrupt person for money.

Freedom rather for me is to not see any suffering and pain around me. Freedom is to see a teenager becoming a serving bureaucrat and achieving his or her goals. Freedom is to see people around me, to see my people living a dignified, free, and happy and a respectful life rather than a life in clutches of slavery of wrong people, wrong things and wrong emotions. This is what true freedom means for me.

As a proud Indian, I can claim that the country I belong to gives a lot of freedom to its citizens “from freedom of speech and expression to freedom of trade in the Indian Constitution” vis-à-vis article 19 to article 22”. Through the Indian Constitution one realizes that freedom comes with its own limitations. Freedom should be exercised in a manner so that it does not harm the other person’s freedom. Exercising freedom should hence be done in a cautious manner. Freedom is a blessing, and not a tool or source to be misused.

Fortunately or not, we are still in the clutches of slavery as we are not free from many bad or wrong things that even today dictate our lives. The things here are corruption, sadness or unhappiness, rapes and unwanted pregnancies, prostitution, greed, hatred, lack of equitable division of wealth in the world etc. Many people still in this world do not live a life of dignity, respect and are suffering in one or the other manner. Be it sleepless nights due to no food or due to not being able to meet their basic needs.

In a nutshell, freedom can only be achieved if we all come together and take a pledge to change ourselves and then each others hearts and minds and also our actions. So, let’s come together and join hands to make this world a better place to live in.