Why is New Zealand among the least Corrupt and India among the most?

Corruption has become one grave issue which is being talked about by masses all around the world. This problem has come to wield global importance and countries surely understand the gravity of this problem.

Corruption is something which is being indulged in by high-flying politicians to small hawkers and vendors. This evil exist at every possible level.

For instance, at smaller scale people encourage corruption by bribing police inspectors or officials belonging to lower levels of government establishments when they are caught breaking government rules or they are stuck in some dispute. As corruption, has various forms and faces: another example could be that producers indulge in adulteration of products, black marketing, many people don’t pay their taxes timely and honestly.

At a higher level, government officials of higher designation indulge in corruption by taking bribes, not serving the country honestly and by generating money through wrong ways and means by getting into an alliance with corrupt politicians. A stupendous example for the above could be: An I.A.S. couple found in possession of assets & liquidity worth Rs.360 crores, by income tax department. Isn’t that a sheer shock when the salary of a bureaucrat is not more than a lakh/month?

At even higher levels are the politicians who are the parasites of the economy, who suck money instead of blood and it was rightly said by a Swiss bank manager that ””India is poor but Indians are not poor””. These politicians earn black money through every possible illegal ways and deposit it in the Swiss Banks and try to hide it from the tax officers. In addition, politicians buy votes by bribing general masses which includes the poor and the unaware. Other occurrences of corruption are the Telecom scam, the Common Wealth games fiasco. These happenings are highly disconcerting. Corruption not only affects the economy but also affects the general masses, the poor and the poverty-stricken as they due to deficient earnings can’t meet their basic everyday needs of shelter, clothes and 3 meals a day becomes a luxury for them. Corruption results in the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer and it becomes more & more complex and difficult to bridge that divide.

According to the Transparency International, which is a global civil society organisation has surveyed the corruption perception levels in 183 countries(2011 report). India is at the 95th position. Being awarded the score of 3.1 out of a 10 in comparison to New Zealand which is at the top most position with an excellent score of 9.5.
Now the question arises, why is New Zealand the least corrupt country on earth? I guess, this is one heck of a country where we have an aware and an honest population. The reasons are very simple for it being among the least corrupt nations around. New Zealand has less of public sector corruption on which the survey conducted was based, the less of briberies by public sector employees, the minimum kickbacks in public procurement and embezzlement of public funds and lastly they have an effective public sector anti – corruption efforts. New Zealand has surely been blessed with amazing citizens and political institutions and establishments. India now should pull their socks, and take some inspiration from New Zealand when it comes to corruption.

Corruption has been embedded in the very working of our bureaucracy and political system. Is corruption an unavoidable evil?

No, corruption is not an unavoidable evil. But, has been assumed to be one by the politicians (public servants), civil servants and the working force of our society. And if, I must dare to say even by the masses.

Corruption has to be eradicated. Efforts for this is certainly being done; as leaders like Kisan Baburao Hazare popularly known as Anna Hazare who is a prominent leader in the anti-corruption movement in India. And, have been propagating awareness about corruption, sincerely fighting for the very motive of eradication of corruption through advocacy of the Jan Lokpal Bill, having discussions with the government and by generating a huge supportive mass. There should be a pay hike for public servants, medical, housing and other facilities should be enhanced for everyone, bureaucrats should exercise their powers without fear & favour.

This effort has to begin from the grass root level. I, you and all of us should discourage corruption from the smallest scale and do our best to finish corruption from the country. And, the results will soon be seen at larger and higher levels and definitely the society will be positively affected at a lavish scale by our small initiatives. If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now, put foundations under them and soon we will be if not free of corruption, we will surely have less of corruption in the society. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “”be the change that you want to see””.