Given the excellent performance of Shruti (Anushka Sharma) and Bitto ( -Newbie Ranveer Singh). This film has managed to acquire rave reviews across the country and many Filmfare, and other national awards. We’ve had enough reviews on Band Baaja Barat. Why do we require another one? This question is fair enough by the readers. The answer to this is, among the heap of laurels a -_””huge fan””_- has the right to add another one!

Band, Baaja, Barat are the three most essential components of a lavish big fat Indian wedding. The very title “Band Baja Baarat” suggests the plot of the film””-. Also, the title is very unconventional so it definitely has the capability of attracting and producing a sense of curiosity in the minds of millions of viewers around! Humor is present in the very foundations of this film. This is one of the most out of the box films made in the history of film making in the Indian Cinema. One of the most successful films of year 2010 under the “Yash raj banner” doesn’t carry a social message but it is a paisa vasool as termed by many and a hundred percent entertainer which also proves the fact the conventionality is not always the -“‘best”‘- choice! It revolves around a fun loving, and a street smart college student and a quirky, pretty and an aspiring wedding planner. They meet each other when Bitto gate crashes a wedding in search of good food and accidentally meet each other as destiny has it in for them and gradually become business partners after Bitto’s enough of dramatic pleading and the -‘”bread pakore ki kasam””- she finally agrees, and co-ordinate with each other in all the works they receive as business partners and finally happens the establishment of Shaadi Mubarak which makes them the hero of Janakpuri and later they go on to the Sainik Farms and start working for the elite there. With many successful weddings, they become known and start making huge money. But, what is a typical Hindi film without difficulties and obstacles!

Due to their personal conflicts, their relationship and more than that their business relations ends up on the rocks. Then came two different Shaadi Mubaraks! Oops, no a correction. A Shaadi Mubarak belonging to Shruti Kakkar and a Happy Wedding belonging to Bitto Sharma and both were disastrous to the core because Shruti and Bitto were nothing without each other and could only work as a team. Do they come again together? Do they again manage to make a great pair? For that you will have to watch the film, and mark my words, it’s a must watch- and you will surely enjoy it.

Ciao for now and watch out for my next post!