Change agents: Those who have the willpower to make a difference


The very reputed college of India, St Stephens, recognised on Friday (7/12/2012) that one of it’s students “get-up-and go“ attitude has spelt development for hundreds of villagers in the hills of Manipur (a prominent state in north east India).

Mr Armstrong Pame joined St Stephens in 2005 with Physics Honours. The felicitation by his alma mater after all these years was a proud moment, as quoted by the -“Hindustan Times”-.

After joining the much sought after IAS (Indian Administrative Services) in 2009 his foremost aim was to work on the development of the village which he hailed from– Impa village.

Pame told the Hindustan times that this village sadly had no roads or electricity and it was his dream to provide “a basic road” so that in times of emergency at least a four – wheeler vehicle could pass through. Reading this, I felt we are actually so privileged!

After Pame joined the IAS, plans were under way for the deep corners of north-east India. As the sub-divisional officer of the Tousem Sub division (Manipur) he made every possible effort to pool in resources for the construction of a 100 km long road in this district .

While 60 km was in need of intensive repair work. Mr Pame told HT, that a 40 km stretch had to be constructed afresh. He got in touch with the people inhabiting the village and together they did a lot of brainstorming, after which they came to the conclusion that they would work to build roads in the area. As a result about 150 villagers agreed to provide firewood, manpower and other resources that they were able to. He requested his acquaintances to provide bulldozers and other necessary equipments at an economical rate.

Even though financing this outstanding project was a hindrance, fortunately it didn’t prove to be a deterrent.

According to HT, Pame told the villagers that he would pay a basic salary to the villagers from whatever he saved over the months. His family also actively contributed for the project. His mother pooled income from his father’s pension and his brother and his spouse also joined in. But they got a major boost when they put this initiative on, Facebook.

Now they have generated almost Rs. 16 lakh which undoubtedly is commendable. In future, this young turk has requested the Government of India to assist them.

One final thing one can infer from this in my view is that those who have a desire, do make a difference. We all should learn from this and try to use our knowledge and education to -“”make a difference””- and let it not go in vain. Think about it: can you make a difference just the way Mr Armstrong, a civil servant, did?


Forbes 2012 power list

Obama And Biden Meet With State Governors At The White House

6th December 2012

The Forbes 2012 “annual power list” was released on Wednesday, 5th December (2012).  The prestigious list includes CEOs , philanthropists and political figures, entertainment biggies who truly structure the world of 7.1 billion people .

The Forbes editors’ create this list on the following parameters:

— Power over many people

— Control over financial and other valuable resources

— Power in multiple spheres or arenas

— Active use of power

President Obama who won the presidential elections held this year against Republican party’s head and entrepreneur, Mitt Romney and was re-elected for the second term as the head of the United states bagged the first position. President Obama has four more years to push his agenda even as he faces major challenges, including an unresolved budget crisis, stubbornly high unemployment and renewed unrest in the Middle East.

But Barack Obama remains the commander-in-chief of the world’s greatest military and head of the sole economic and cultural superpower–literally the leader of the free world,” as told by Forbes.

This Harvard graduate has proven his metal and will be doing so till the time he completes his next tenure. He is not only a man of substance but an epitome of greatness.

The second most powerful celebrity in the world also happens to be the world’s most powerful woman, German chancellor 58-year-old Angela Merkel. She jumped up from the number four position in 2011 to take the runner-up spot on the 2012 list.

Merkel is routinely voted as one of the most powerful women in the world and Germany is financially sound: the biggest and strongest economy in Europe, 4th largest in the world, are a few extra ordinary facts related to her .

India is not behind in this, Mrs Sonia Gandhi (12) and Honourable Prime minister, Manmohan Singh (19) make it to the list.

Gandhi dropped a notch from last year’s list and ranks at number 12 this year ahead of Chinese Vice-Premier Li Keqiang and French President Francois Hollande.
Forbes said the 65-year-old leader of India’s ruling political party has the reins of the world’s second-most-populous country and tenth-largest economy.

Mr. Singh, the Oxford and Cambridge-educated economist is the architect of India’s economic reforms.

Also, Forbes termed Merkel as the backbone of the 27-member European Union, one who carries the fate of the Euro on her shoulders.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton placed 50th, with (Forbes) editors noting that by hitting the campaign trail for Obama, Clinton “cemented his status as a kingmaker”, along with his nonpartisan Global Initiative raising more than $71 billion in commitments to fund charitable action worldwide.

Turning to the silicon valley, 28-year-old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it to the list at position number 25 and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hold position number 20. Not to forget, Microsoft co-founder Mr Bill Gates (4).

Entrepreneurs are everywhere. Instead of saying, Mr Mukesh Ambani runs the country, Mr Kejriwal should have said he is among the few who actually run the world.

Mr Ambani who owns the world’s most expensive private residence (Antilla), ranks 37th in the list. Forbes said the petrochemical billionaire is India’s richest and Reliance Industries is the nation’s most valuable company.

Carlos Slim Hula, (owns assets worth $72 billion ) is 11th on the list on the basis of the strength of his wealth. Along with, New York’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg(16), Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett at (15) and Arcelor Ceo , Laksmi Mittal were among the few tycoons who made it to the list.

The list can be found in the 24th December new edition of Forbes.

Lastly, these are people like you and me who just have the fire to make it “big”. They realize their responsibilities and handle them with care. They are the people who inspire, perspire and desire just to make it “possible”.

If we believe in ourselves, then we all can make it big and do positive things for the society we inhabit. So, learn from them and live accordingly.

Catch you soon with the next post !

Barack Obama


On 1 July 1961 Viscount and Viscountess Althorp were blessed with their fourth child in Sandringham, Norfolk. This child was Lady Diana Spencer. A girl who was born to be a princess, not only of Wales but of hearts.

I learnt more and more about her life by seeing her interviews and reading about her and it was a simply a marvellous experience. So I am making an attempt to enlighten those who know a little about her and remind those who know about her-.

Lady Diana received her education in West Heath Girls’ School in Sevenoaks, Kent. In 1977, she left West Heath and attended Institut Alpin Videmanette, a finishing school in Rougemont, Switzerland. She did not shine academically but in my view she actually did, because academics does not limit itself to scoring grades or marks. The purpose of academics is to enhance your character and gifted traits making you a worthy human being. She was an excellent human being and a highly knowledgeable woman in many ways. Her intelligence can be classified as emotional intelligence and this is the intelligence which is going to be the “in thing” for the next many decades, according to a scholarly psychiatrist I came across and I completely second to this view.

Life was not a bed of roses for her. Unfortunately, she came from a divorced background and worked as a play-group assistant, helped her sister Sarah and many of her other friends in cleaning work, but she moved on in life and made it what I call -“”big””-.

Coming back to my subject. At the tender age of 20-, on 29 July 1981 she got married to the Prince of Wales-, Charles, who was 32 at the time. Her marriage was grand, as it was expected to be. This happened at the St. Pauls Cathedral and she looked extremely beautiful. My jaw dropped after seeing her marriage photographs on the web.

After marriage, she was now the -“”Princess of Wales””- and the British monarchy gifted a leader-, guide and a wonderful human being to this world which was so badly in need of a person like her. I can feel and infer from whatever little research I did on her that she must have been like a -“”bright light””- in the dark lives around her-, would have been the smile for the tearful faces, the -“”hope””- for so many -“”hopeless””- lives, the -“”encouraging factor””- for so many people who had lost all urge to live, and certainly an inspiration for the entire globe.

Then-, on 21 June 1982, in the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London under the care of Pinker, the princess gave birth to her and Prince Charles’ first son and heir, William Arthur Philip Louis, currently the duke of Cambridge after his marriage to Catherine Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge), popularly known as Prince William. Later, on 15 September 1984, a second son, Henry Charles Albert David, was born two years after Prince William, Prince Henry is the Prince of Wales and is third in line to the British throne. He is popularly known as Prince Harry.

She gifted the world with these two lovely human beings. The loss of her life was a major one to her sons and life became tough for them as well. The wrongs that happened in their lives was not because they were not good but because of their mother’s absence, which meant absence of their biggest teacher who would have told them the difference between good and bad, what could have harmed them and what was good for them. Her absence meant that they lost their ultimate well-wisher and friend. Even after this, they handled themselves beautifully. They proved themselves as assets in a number of ways.

-She was an angelic mother. Her goodness has compelled me to say this and the princes were really blessed on this front.

I will fight for my children on any level so they can reach their potential as human beings and in their public duties.

-Princess Diana

This quote explains it so well that she loved her boys to no end and did her -“best”- to bring out the -“best”- in them in whatever short time she was with them and so could be so proud of both of them, had she been there today to witness the good things they are doing and how well they are handling the issues life puts across them. I am sure, she is watching both of them from the sky and must be really happy with them.

As the Princess of wales, she was associated with a number of charities and developed a major interest in serious illnesses and health-related matters outside the purview of traditional royal involvement, including AIDS and leprosy.

-In addition, she was the patroness of charities and organisations working with the homeless, youth, drug addicts, and the elderly. She was also the president of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

She supported the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, a campaign which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, a few months after her demise.

She performed her royal duties quite well. Her first three-day tour was to Wales in October 1981 along with her husband (Prince Charles). She was termed as the -“”People’s princess””- and all the above lines prove that she indeed was the same.

I guess life had other plans as it took a turn and on 31 August 1997 when she met with a car accident in Paris and everyone was ridiculously upset because her death was a huge loss to humanity. I don’t wish to put more light on this incident.

Lastly, she was the woman I admire and respect the most. I admire her to no end and she inspires me to no end. She is my idol along with my father. Her majesty, was not only a visionary and a people’s princess but also a great mother and a great human being, as I have mentioned in the write up above.

She will remain in the hearts of many forever. Princess Diana is a legend and has left a legacy of love and goodness which should be carried forward by the mankind. Her absence will always be felt .

India: Surely deserves a better fate ! ..

Writing on this subject, I believe all I need is a pinch of love for my nation and my national sentiments for my nation that gave me an identity (both moral and political), that gave me an opportunity to dream and to envisage and have the desire to live my dreams, that gave me a feeling to do something for my nation. I take immense pride in being a part of this country.

India is such a beautiful country in all possible senses. It has such a well crafted and one of the finest -“”written””-constitutions in the world. It is one country that is secularly diverse and is the largest democracy in the world. It has been ruled by not just mere leaders but visionaries such as Dr B.R. Ambedkar, Pandit. Jawaharlal Nehru and his very own blood Mrs India Gandhi.

There is so much to write about this land, friends, when I actually think about it. This land gave birth to the mightiest kings, from Chandragupta Maurya to Ashoka to Akbar; the greatest scholars, from Chanakya, who laid the foundations of political science and economics and is said to be the “father” of the same, to Aryabhatta “who invented zero (0) to Noble Laureate Guru Ranbindranath Tagore”; inspirational leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi who changed the outlook of the world’s population, it is his principles of passive resistance and non violence which made leaders like Nelson Mandela his follower who was an active participant in the apartheid movement, it gave birth to a freedom struggle that will never be forgotten, and it gave birth to brave leaders such as Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad who sacrificed them-selves for -“”Mother India””-, who’s blood have been absorbed by this land. Mother India was  blessed with the most courageous daughters, from Rani Lakshmi Bai to Rajkumari Amrit Kaur to Saina Nehwal.

India, after falling down, stood up on it’s feet and grew and grew and grew. Today, there is no looking back. In which field has this country not managed to earn rave reviews? In possibly all fields, from entertainment to sports to academics. We earned laurels in so many fields and in so many ways. Just giving a few instances, India won the coveted cricket World cup trophy in 2011 to A.R. Rehman being honoured with an -“Oscar”- for his original score in Slumdog Millionaire. Also, where the entire world has been hit so hard with economic degradation, India still manages to be stable.

I strongly assert that this country deserves a better fate, a fate which is yet to be witnessed by the nation, a fate which has been forseen by political figures such Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a nation of 1.2 billion which I don’t know is moving forward in which direction. It is a shame that the citizens blame the government and one another; the base body of the government blames the one at the apex. The working of this country is all about the -“blame game“-, Right? A random citizen says to another, -“”This nation is full of filth””-. Another instance, which I witnessed myself is when Mr Vikram Chandra (CEO of NDTV), told us something highly startling that Indians sitting in London tweet about the filth that is there in India. Instead of talking and tweeting why don’t they merely take an initiative?

Another strange instance is that the capable workforce of this country resides overseas and contributes to their GDP. A country that makes that potential workforce doesn’t get a chance to get something from them in return, even in the form of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). So, they should come to their home country and serve it. One of the most prominent journalists of the country, Ms Barkha Dutt conducted a debate on this very issue on the talk show “We the people” on NDTV 24 *7. It was really alarming. So, these women and gentlemen who are having a ball overseas, please get back and do something for your own nation. Another stranger instance that the citizens of this nation say that, “The government simply does nothing but you want to have a look at this: Mr John F Kennedy once said which I dare to interpret in my own words and that is, ‘It’s not about what your country does for you, but what you do for your country’. So, please make a move!

In this country, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. More than half of the population of this nation is below the poverty line and when the rich contributes for the poor’s well being, people call it -“”charity””-. I beg your pardon? It is not their charity, it is their damn right. This country stands no where in terms of economical cleanliness. It is highly corrupt. I don’t have to say that, it is obvious. That is why Anna Hazare (the modern day Gandhi) fasted for this cause in the Ram lila Maidan in New Delhi and the government for the last so many years is hell bent that no matter how much concerned citizens fast, we will not pass the -“Lok Pal Bill“- because that will threaten their rule.

So I would say on this: If your rule is being threatened, then learn some principles of integrity.

Last but certainly not the least, this issue is of -“limitless debate”-. So, I summon this write up here, and when a 16 year old like me can understand all this, then the who’s who and the biggies certainly can! So, Wake Up Indians …. Wake Up!

Fame – The eyes can’t see it all


It’s said that, every mortal thinks  at least once: -“What If I was famous?”-, How would for a moment life be? or -“”How is it to be famous?””-. Everyone craves “love”, “respect” and “recognition” all across the globe. Not to forget, we always keep on wondering how life for the -“”famous””- is, and as expected we find it full of glamour where the famous look beautiful, where people are obsessed with them, or for that matter a crowd goes insane with shouts and screams whenever they witness their presence. We assume that in their lives it is all smiles and laughters because we only know them as what they portray themselves in front of the camera, not what’s the inside story of their lives and what they go through and what cost do they pay for being what they are and the popularity they have received.

We have demarcated fame as -“”easy fame””- and -“”self made fame””- but both of these are equally difficult. In one-, you struggle to become famous, and in the latter, you adjust and compromise to live in that golden cage according to other’s preferences. The mortal, just like a bird when caged, cannot take decisions of his own life; no matter how much he wants to leave that cage, he is compelled to live there with tears and suffocation. How difficult would that life be? My entire body turns cold and eyes full of tears when I imagine the suffocation those people must be living in. It is very clearly understood, for fame, nature makes you pay a price for it in some or the other way. Having fame or the path of the same is not all milk and roses.

According to me, more than fame what matters is my happiness. I look for a small, happy world for myself and that is the kind of life which is much better than a life of flashes and glitter. In my world, there are people I am genuinely concerned for and so are they. We lead a good life in our world. To put it in other words, living a simple life is easier than living a life of unimaginable complications created by fame. In my view we are all celebrities till the time we know “how to live happily and share that happiness with our fellow brothers and sisters across seas and boundaries”. There is no point in being a recognised face when you are unhappy, feel dejected and end up ruining your life. I would end by quoting. “ Feel fortunate for what you have rather than feeling unfortunate for what you don’t. ” There have been many distinguished “faces” who after becoming famous became pretty infamous (I shall avoid mentioning any specific names). The simple reason– their indulgence in unethical and socially unacceptable pursuits. e.g. addiction to drugs, alcohol, etc. In fact, we are aware of all this but in our  -“”fast””- lives tend to forget it.

To the one who has -“”fame””- and one who does not, one message to both kinds. All I have to say is that the prior should learn to balance his life, and the same goes for the latter. Take every step keeping in mind it’s after effects on your tomorrow.

On an ending note, stay happy, safe and sensible. God bless.

Benefits of Fair Competition in Markets


Just as the good growth of a child relies upon a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and a lot of protection similarly the growth of a country’s economy relies to a great extent upon “fair competition” in markets due to a number of reasons and if fair marketing tactics exists in an economy it indeed gives a great boost or acceleration to the same. In other words, competition is a central driver for growth of productivity in the economy and is also a big benefit for the consumers. In 1991, trade in India was liberalised, which let to privatisation which in turn led to vigorous competition between firms which is the lifeblood of strong and effective markets. Competition helps consumers get a good deal and the contentment of consumers is of prime importance if the government desires economic growth as when the consumers spend money then the economy is bound to grow. Competition leads to the urge of being better than the rest in any field and the same applies to the field of trade and business. It indeed encourages firms to innovate by reducing slack, putting downward pressure on costs and providing incentives for the efficient organisation of production. There are more gains from competition as well.

1) Lower prices for consumers, so better economic growth. i.e. : if the product quality is the same, so for selling the product the producers lower down the rates.

2) Improvements in technology, with positive effects on production methods and costs.

3)  A greater variety of products, giving more choices to the consumers.

4)  A faster pace of invention and innovation.

-Also, competitive markets allow a nation’s resources to be used to best effect in the production of goods and services. For example, both theoretical and empirical research in recent years has emphasised the productive and dynamic efficiency gains from competition. Competition gives firms continuing incentives to make their production and distribution more efficient, to adopt better technology, and to innovate. These sources of productivity improvement lead to growth and poverty reduction.

5) Improvements to the quality of service for consumers,. i.e. the producer or the seller should take responsibilities for his products and try to give assistance to the consumers instead of having an attitude of “Why did you buy this product from our shop? or, ‘You cannot blame us for the defects or the difficulties you face with this product’.

6) Better information for consumers allowing people to make more informed choices.

7) Poor people interact with the economy in a number of ways. Governments must take responsibility for helping markets to function effectively for the poor, so that they enable choice, encourage innovation and provide goods and services to consumers at the lowest possible prices. Many of the poor are small entrepreneurs, including farmers. They will benefit if entry and exit barriers are low, if they can purchase inputs at fair prices, and if they are able to sell their output on fair terms. They need a level playing field. Many of the poor are also recipients of government-funded services. Bid-rigging for government provided infrastructure and services appears to be common, and diminishes what governments are able to provide for their people from any given budget allocation, e.g. four new schools instead of five. An appropriate competition policy will include measures to address all of these concerns.

A question that arises here is, what should one to do have an effective competent market system? To be fully effective, a competition policy must be supported by a “culture of competition”, where the objectives of competition are widely understood and form a natural part of the background to decisions by the government, firms and consumers. Civil society and a vigorous consumer movement in particular, can play a constructive and valuable role in the development of a culture of competition. Vested interests that oppose reforms and fair competition have to be overcome. An open media and an informed judiciary are needed if competition policy and law are to be fully effective. Above all, politicians must be committed to wanting to make markets work well, to ensuring that the government’s responsibilities to markets are well understood, and to help build the technical capacity needed for this task.

The benefits above make it very clear that the “market” and the “economy” would be going to the dogs  and would be retarded instead of accelerated in the absence of “fair competition” in markets.

A final thought. World trade means competition from anywhere; advancing technology encourages cross-industry competition. Consequently, strategic planning must consider who our future competitors will be, not only who is here today. Also, fair competition also has concern to some extent to the set of morals inculcated in us since our childhood, values such as honesty, respect, integrity etc. The very practice of fair market competition is highly inspirational and teaches the next generation tycoons the essence of fair marketing in structuring a society’s present as well as future (the standard of living conditions for future generations) and how necessary it is to be honest towards your job and do justice to it. Entrepreneurs are the architects of many lives and they should carefully, productively and sensitively use this God-given gift and one to do thing is indeed “work fairly when competing with potential competitors”.

Success: A collection of baby steps …

I am writing this article after a pretty long break as my academics kept me pretty busy. So I just came up with this topic, ‘Success’, on which I was very keen to articulate my views. Now, back to my subject.

Every mortal has dreams. Dreams that they want to witness, dreams that they want to turn into reality. For the same purpose, they make efforts to reach that level of success, and they always desire to be at their best to see their dreams turn into reality. People look for immediate success without doing much as it was said (though these are not the exact words but an interpretation) by versatile thumri singer -“Girija Devi”- in one of her interviews in a magazine that I had incidentally come across. I second that view, as to climb the ladder fast we humans tend to take shortcuts, failing to realise that success has no shortcuts, which has been said by many an infinite number of times. Success is not within anyone’s control. Instead of looking for a road which gives you quick success which is of no use, as such a road is nonexistent, one must take small and effective steps to reach one’s destination similar to the way a new-born takes to reach where she wishes. You learn to walk in a certain mannner gradually and not at once. Also, in this long journey of ours we as travellers should not fear failure, as that is the path to success. Failure gives you the wisdom and experience that no other source can give. So, if failure comes your way stand back on your feet and start walking again, as the one who fails to achieve success is not a loser, but the one who stops trying certainly is.

To add a personal touch to this write-up, I myself have come across immense failure (may-be physical or mental) and I have a list of these which I would like to keep to myself, but the most appealing part of my journey in my opinion was that -“”I never stopped fighting and got up no matter how many times I fell””-. I certainly feel good about it, as the taste of success after failure and struggle is the sweetest. Furthermore, one learns to value success, even the smallest.

One last thought Success is a collection of small steps we take as the title suggests, but I would like to pause here as I have a completely different view of success. For me, more than success what matters is our love and passion for the work we do. Keep doing the work that interests you and success shall follow you. My avid readers: Don’t worry about the results, you are sure to reap what you will sow. Maya Angelou rightly put it through this quote: -“”Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it””-.  Good Luck and Stay Blessed. 🙂

“Appearances are deceptive’’

We mortals, often with great ease, judge those around us in accordance with face value, which is a matter of inexpressible sadness. We see what others make us see, or what we see directly from our -“”eyes””-. So, we accordingly judge people sans having the foggiest of clue as to how actually they are and what they have been through. When -“”human personality””- is a topic of discussion we generally come up with easy and expressive terms like aggressive, rude, ignorant, weird, good, bad or amazing and various other similar one’s for any random person who is known to us through whatever source (school, blood relation, etc). Due to our petty judgement we treat others in a highly shallow manner and the most amazing part is that all of us judge others as if we are the most qualified judges, even more than those hearing cases in courts almost every single day of their lives. So back to the content, as far as treatment towards others is concerned, there are many around who treat the vulnerable or the weak with utmost harshness or cruelty such as calling them names, boycotting them, just having a good laugh at them or bullying them or saying negative things to them that are sure to traumatise them. A group of people refers to a girl as aggressive and rude very easily without even trying to know why is she so. There could be a number of reasons: perhaps she was physically harmed or abused, so out of the fear that she might be harmed again she has become like this, or perhaps she is in severe pain which is a source of indefinable trauma to her and pulled her down almost in all sectors of her life similar to the way prices in the share market fall. Just because she is hiding the same doesn’t give a group of bullies the reason to further trouble or mentally hurt her. Ruthlessness is sure to be the alter ego of humans (thinking animals). Moreover, we reach a depth of ruthlessness from where we ourselves fail to realise what are we doing and what is the intensity of the damage that we are causing to the weak by our own -“horrible”- actions. Another essential point that we forget is that life is like a mathematical circle of 360 degrees measurement and at the same time like a roller coaster ride. By the former I mean that by hurting to the extent that someone sheds tears and changes as a person, we get their ill wishes, and no matter when we do that evil deed,  maybe in our teens (i.e. school days), the early 20s or 30s or whenever, you are sure to pay back for your wrong deeds at some point of time by becoming a helpless victim of circumstances just the way that person whom you hurt had become, mark my words: things happen in the blink of an eye and destroy everything and everyone knows nature plays fair. Second, life is indeed a roller coaster ride as the weak will fight and fight more and with a slow pace stand back on their feet and eventually after walking through the thorns will start walking on a bed of roses and from the lows in their lives will move towards the highs, whereas the predator will be just getting the opposite.

On a modest note, I have a message for the one harming or has harmed and also for the one who has been harmed or is being harmed. To start with the former, the other day I was reading a highly inspirational little note on Facebook by Ms. Oprah Winfrey (one of the most admired people around the globe) concerning the interview she took of the -“Kardashians“-. In that note, the line that caught my maximum attention and that I immediately made it my Facebook status was to broaden your view as far as the people around you are concerned, (These are not the exact words but this is an interpreted version of my understanding.)

Make an attempt to see what is unseen and know what is difficult to see in a person. Don’t see the face value, see the reason for the same – though it is difficult. It is very, very hard to get things back to normalcy after so many setbacks: trust me, even the hours of crying or the many sleepless nights seem less. Instead of hampering a person’s confidence more, help them regain it. We all have a heart which I don’t know how becomes really bad, but I know one thing that goodness exists in all. It is just that we need to understand and execute that. Being human is the best gift you give to yourself and to the one in need. Be a better judge of people by figuring out the hidden. I always say this and always will say this till my last breath. I believe that being good is very easy and it feels good to be good. I have heard people say that -“”a good heart is a very rare phenomenon in this world””-, but I think just the opposite: I feel all have it, but it is just a matter of accepting it and living with one for your near and dear ones and others also. Stay kind and honest and love, the world and its people.

For the second, don’t feel that you are not cared for and that you are neglected. You are the reason of many prayers of that one person who will love you truly all your life, who will cry in your pain, who will just want to be yours, who would want to be in your thoughts, heart and breath and who is yet to come. Really, I have also not had a very smooth life. In fact, I had a really rough one, too many tears, too many sleepless nights, fears, etc and by now I have mastered the art of tolerating and living with a false smile on my face, though I don’t wish to write on it anymore, but one thing I witnessed is that I have people in my life who hear me crying, who listen to my wishes, my desires and who want to see my dreams coming true and always wish the best for me asking for nothing in return. I am living for them even if not anymore for myself, and in wait of that person who will come and wipe away my tears, love me, understand me in the way nobody ever did and you will laugh when I will tell you that I love him from now only, even though we haven’t met each other yet and I have stood back on my feet to some extent because of the prayers of my loved ones and that one special person.

So, let us wait together, friends, and the countdown has already begun. You need to just keep running with great enthusiasm as success and happiness is running towards you and after all you need to reach that person whom you love just the way he or she does. You have no idea how eagerly they are waiting for you. In addition, your lows are making you wise, experienced, humble and sensitive. Fight with yourself and become so capable that you can fight for the needy, for justice, and for those in pain. Furthermore, I read somewhere that:
“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity”. Lastly, the biggest and the greatest form of education or knowledge in this world is “the language of love”. Learn it and live with it. You could share your experiences with me, I would love to and want to help If I could. Stay blessed and keep smiling as life is sure to give to you many reasons to smile.

A poem by my poet friend
The-virtual-you ..
masked by the super-natural view
misperceived in blind-human’s review..
Black as crow yet as sweet as Cuckoo,
Slow as tortoise yet determined to win,
without the wings, the penguin
yet strong among the winter winds.


This world’s gaining pace
This world’s changing face
Ah! How different thou appear?
But I can’t believe what my eyes do hear!

Father’s Day

Before, I start with the content I would like to wish each and every one of you, A Very Happy Father’s Day. Today is the day to let your father know how much you love him, how much you care for him, how much he means to you, and you just can’t do without him. And no matter who stays and leaves your life you always need your -“”Dad””-.

My dad is indeed wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better father. Honestly speaking, I am actually not getting where to start from. A father has always been acknowledged as a girl’s first love and a son’s first hero. Not only is he my first love that he will always be- he is the most inspirational and approachable person I have in my life. I think he is the only person whom I love the most with all my heart-, and he knows me the best even if he doesn’t admit it. He understands the fact as to how emotional, sensitive or soft – hearted I am, and whenever I have cried a lot over anything in my life, he has always come to me and hugged me to tell me that he is worried then because he knows I am sensitive. Even if he doesn’t say it he is, and he also tells me that the impact of my crying remains in his behaviour for a week if not more wherein he is very upset but doesn’t show. As I am pretty hot – headed, I have fought with him many a times telling him my grievances, my anxieties, my problems, and troubles and blamed him a lot of times but he has always guided me well, tried to help and motivate me, has always taught me to fight telling me how strong a girl I have always been He has always taught me to be calm and think patiently, and he has always told, tells, and will keep on telling me that we as a family of four can’t do without each other, that even If one person is absent then the whole family will break, and that we as a family have to help each other in our problems. In other words, it is because of him that the family is one and it is because of him that we know so many good things.

During my failures – and trust me the list is not so short – even after reprimanding me he has always shown great faith in me, and, has always told me that if not today then tomorrow the lessons that I will learn from a particular failure will always act as an experience in making life’s decisions and, failures shall also become my reason for success which I might not realise today but are bound to realise sometime in my life. On the other hand-, during my days of success I haven’t seen a face happier than his. His happiness shows in the way he walks, talks, sits. Every time I do something good, I go and ask him: -“”Are you happy, and if yes, how much?””- He spreads his hands wide and says, -“”This much””- which always adds to my happiness.

He knows my favourite joints, my favourite colours and my fondness for clothes, books, and likes and dislikes. Even if, he doesn’t teach me for an exam but always comes at night to ask me  before the day of my exam, -“”Are you fine?””- or -“”Are we good?””-, and reassures me of the fact that no matter what, I am bound to be a success in my life. He is very strict and can scold me many a times and be angry at me a number of times, but I know no one, and I really mean no one, can love and has loved me more than him. He has cried more than I did in my tears, smiled whenever I did, and has always been there, and he repents if he made me sad. Another interesting thing is that he still sometimes holds my hand when he has to get out of the car and cross the road, and I become very agitated because I am not a kid anymore but he always tells me,  you will always be a kid for me and, that ‘Don’t try to act over smart’-, and whenever I tell him I want something he always gets it for me, may be my favourite magazine to my favourite ice – cream.

One final thing. I now realise I love my dad the most in this entire world, and he also loves me. It is just that he is unable to show or express that love sometimes. He is an awesome friend as well, and why only me? Many of us have lovely dads who love us and have faith in us when everyone else has lost it, and always get us the things we want. So, always love and respect your dad and be with him when he needs you-, and appreciate him and his achievements because he always tries to do the best for us. Have a great Father’s Day.