The gate of life


Finally, the journey of my schooling comes to an end. I have always relished happy endings. And, surprisingly I scored a thrilling 91.25 per cent in the CBSE 12th Board exams. Now, I call this a really happy end to a story. The journey to achieve, this score was not as amazing as the number itself! School started for me on a really dicey note. As far as I can recall, I hardly went to school in April and May, and, for that matter, till mid July I wasn’t able to attend school due to unavoidable health conditions. I headed back to school in the later half of July missing a hell of a lot of the syllabus! Next what? I had lost the urge to study, and, I resisted going to school. It was uncertain whether graduating from school was on the cards for me at all. Undoubtedly, it was a very difficult time but, where there’s a will, there’s a way… No? If you agree, then ‘’bingo’’ you’ve hit the bull’s eye! With my will and courage, I managed to sail through. Moreover, my parents were extremely supportive. All they wanted was my happiness and, my progress. Marks were of no importance to them!  As a result, I was back with a bang with an amazing result in the -“Revision 1”- examination. -Sadly, difficulties kept on cropping up and, I was not keeping well from the health angle. Nevertheless friends are always an asset if they are true to you. A very dear friend of mine, Ms Agrima Kumar acted as an anchor to me throughout the session. She held my hand and, made me walk like a baby till the end and, I reached where I am today! Whether I performed terribly in my exams or, I cracked them… Agrima was there throughout. Also, I give immense credit to Ridhi and, to my good friend Neesha! Who took care of me. These were my very genuine friends, who made me what I am today. And, Ms Ching and Pallavi were a great help too. Lucky to have come across these assets, in this roller coaster ride of mine! Can you people, guess what I am missing on? Yes, my school staff and, the administration. From Madhu ma’am (the principal) to Mallika ma’am (the senior – head mistress), they were all a blessing to me! No matter how much I thank them, it’s still less. I really wish I get an opportunity, to do something for their good. Wow, that was a topsy-turvy ride I wrote about.  On an end – note, all I wish to say is that give people a chance, believe in them, and, understand that many of them are your well – wishers. Further, you’ve got to respect your elders and, most importantly, parents! After all, parents and your elders are your back – bone! You’ve got to believe in your friends, family and teachers for anything, and, they will never let you down in life. -Over and above all that, never stop fighting and, never stop believing in yourself! After all, you never know what life has in store for you! And, as far as I am concerned, I look forward to a bright and, an interesting life as a college student!


Ways to stay happy


After a really long break, I’m making an effort to write again. I hope you all appreciate my come-back.

We all are living in a really fast world, where the world is too much with us. We hardly have the time to experience the happiness that life has to offer us. As a matter of fact, we are living  in such a fast and noisy world that we do not even realise what we are doing, what we actually want, and what we really want to say. And, most importantly, we forget that whatever we are doing at the end of the day is for -‘’happiness’’-, and we still just fail to remain happy.

We fail to realise that it is actually -‘’possible’’- to stay happy. Even in today’s time, when the odds are heaped up heavily against happiness. But the catch here is that one can remain happy only when one -‘’wants’’- to remain happy. So, desire it. And I will share my favourite five (it may interest you to know, that there are 25 of them) key tips to stay happy which I learnt after reading the book – Lessons from the Masters on Happiness and Longevity.

These guidelines have helped me, and I am sure that they will help you too. So, here I begin with the first one..

  1. Learn to let go

-It is easier said than done. But surely it is possible. Ms Shobha De rightly says baggage weighs you down, makes you miserable. What’s the point of going on with something that has soured? It could be a relationship with a lover, or a business associate. Once it’s over, it’s over. Move on. Take your time but do not keep brooding over it. This applies equally to a bad day or experience. Learn from it, but forget the negative emotion generated by it. It serves no purpose.

-2. Be Selfish, Be Vain

Now this does not mean you become self- centred and mean. Everyone wants to be known as a generous person, who helps others. Being ‘constructively selfish’ is very different from being ‘selfish’. To be constructively selfish is to give your own self priority. If you do not give yourself priority, you can never make anyone else happy.

As a responsible person you owe it to yourself to eat, live and look smart. If your own image is positive then you will convey positive vibes to those around you. A frustrated person, who is unable to address the issues related to his life that lead to a negative approach, will find it extremely difficult to overcome many hurdles of life. So, love yourself and spend a large chunk of capital on yourself – because you are worth it!

-3. Express Gratitude

If someone does you a good turn, let them know about it! Don’t expect everyone to be good to you. It is just not possible.  So, when someone does something good for you, write a note of appreciation. Pick up your mobile…. send a text message. These are life’s really priceless moments: stay tuned to them.

-4. Shut up

That’s right. Keep your trap shut. Not every argument needs to end with a decision. Life is more than just a game of outdoing a rival or the person you are arguing with. There is more charm in holding one’s peace, especially if tempers are running high, as mentioned by the versatile writer – Shobha De. If one person backs out and walks away, the argument will fizzle out.

I am myself a very aggressive person. But trust me, it is the most destructive emotion ever. It is has proved to be really harmful for me. So, I have brought it under check, by ways like drinking cold water when I am aggressive or doing back counting from 10 to 1. Or, I just back off and prove myself to be the bigger person.  Why don’t you do the same?

-5. Have a Heart

This is about compassion towards others. But on a more selfish level, it is also about following your heart. It has always been told us to do what you love and love what you do. So, if your heart isn’t in whatever you do, walk away. You can never succeed in either a career or a relationship that you are not into whole – heartedly. Just think of you being stuck in a job or a relationship that is only giving you grief! I’m sure none of you wishes to be stuck in such a situation. So, as we all know, life is too short to indulge in pursuits that are deprived of joy. So listen to your heart. As Ms. De mentions, -“”The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing””- (Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît pas). This was written by Pascal years ago.

As I end this article all I would do is to remind you that life is too short to hate, to do things that do not give you happiness and to give yourself pain of any kind. So, embrace it and love it unconditionally. And the moment you love it unconditionally you value each and every moment. As a result you enjoy life to the fullest. In this process of achieving happiness you shall find god. And, when you find god, happiness will find you and follow you!

Angels do exist


The best day of my life was 28 July, 2013 which was a Saturday. Just the night before this lovely day, I was absolutely broken, scared and weak, but even if we make this weakness and fear our life, God has different plans for us.  An angel entered my life that very night. An angel that came to brighten up my life, to transform the pain into never ending tears into never ending smiles. I lived a day according to his will and after living that day I want to live many more days according to his will. And, I mean it. To add, I am writing this blog also because of him even though I had lost all the motivation to write.

My day began at 5:30 in the morning when I woke up with a smile. Then I went for a morning walk with my mother. I somehow managed to convince her. It was such a lovely walk because I shared so many things with her which I had kept within me for a while. I felt so light. After the walk I had a fresh cup of coffee and took a shower, dancing, singing, laughing and playing because I was really happy. I relaxed after the shower for about two hours and listened to my favorite songs. It was around 9 in the morning when I picked up a book titled, – Happiness and Longevity by authors like Shobha De and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and others. I read the book till 12 noon and it was a sheer pleasure to read it. Then I slept for two hours and after getting up I hit my study table and started completing my pending work which had piled up due to my absenteeism in school for more than a month. I did that till 6 in the evening with breaks in between because I was exhausted and so I was not able to do a lot of work. Plus, I was told by my angel whose name is Shubhankar to earn a hundred rupees by my hard work, and for that I was asked by my mother to water the plants in my house. By doing that, I earned a hundred rupees. Next, I got dressed beautifully in a white salwar kameez and went out for dinner to Claridges. At Claridges, I had my favourite dishes which included Chinese food mainly, such as noodles and Manchurian. I really enjoyed there. I had another task to do after dinner. I had to give the hundred rupees I earned to a poor chap, but instead of giving it to one chap I bought food from that money and gave it to a poor chap and his friends because they all seemed hungry. Then, I hugged all of them and marched back to my home. By then the clock had struck 9. I grabbed my pillow and opened my laptop and surfed the net till 10. Then, I lay down on my bed, closed my eyes and then started remembering my angel. I didn’t even realise and in no time I went off to sleep.

On a final note, all I want to say is that we all come across such people who become angels for us. So, have faith and keep a smile on your face. And Shubhankar, all I want to say to you is to always be there with me just the way you are now. Love you Shubbu. Stay blessed.

Ciao! Watch out for my next post!

Atrocities on Indian Women


Earlier, I’d written about -“”Amanat- India’s daughter””- who was brutally raped on the night of 16 December 2012. Since then the number of rape cases and violent attacks against women in the country have increased. It seems that the protests and the candle-light march were vain initiatives because the situation remains the same. Plus, in every period women have been subjected to inferior treatment and sexual harassment.

Lately the daily news have been flooded with articles related to heinous crimes against -””females””- of possibly all age groups. Articles of such a kind are an invariable feature of the daily news in India which only reinforces the fact that -“”girls have to pay a price for being girls””-. There are numerous incidents of which I will be mentioning some. As a starter I’ll begin with the 5 year old girl who was raped just a couple of days back in Ghansaur by a 35 year old man. According to reports, foreign objects were inserted in her private parts and she was fighting for life in a hospital in Nagpur for two weeks but was unsuccessful. The kid died. She has left all of us behind and I am sure she is happy and safe up there with the gods.

Coming to the main course, a mother and a daughter were gang raped in Bihar in revenge because the mother did not tell those six rapists where her missing son was. Then, an Australian faced a life sentence for raping and killing an Indian student. According to Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi, ‘While other young men of his (accused Daniel Stani Reginald’s) age were going to college or learning a trade, Mr Reginald “made a deliberate decision to school himself on how to become a serial rapist and a murder.’

There is a bit for dessert as well. Other than rape there are yet other instances of violence against women. A woman in Punjab was beaten up by the police after she complained of sexual harassment and a few days ago a teacher was sent to jail for trying to have sexual contact with a minor.

The question that arises is, what are the causes for such painful and socially unacceptable incidents? The biggest reason is -“”respect””-. Neha Sharma, who is busy promoting her upcoming film Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 is upset about the increasing crime against women in the country. Citing the example of the 5 year old, Neha claimed that men should be trained to respect women. She feels that education is important and everything begins at home. -“”Parents should openly talk to children about sex as we come from an orthodox society, said Neha. It’s not just the way to stop crime, but it will help people defend crime. Men should be taught to respect women. India would be a better place if men start respecting women and I am hoping it will soon change. We need to talk about our issues with the children and educate them,””- concluded Neha. In my view talking with children will make them more aware and they will understand what is right and what is wrong for them.

Another major reason is lack of homes or infrastructure. If there were more homes then so many daughters of India would be much safer than they actually are. Girls are not safe in public places. The government must launch a project where more and more houses are built which shall be accommodated by women. There are societal factors as well, such as: laws and social values or norms which should be much more stringent; the physical and social environment; the rape culture; the sex industry and rape; global trends and economic factors.

Out of all these causes I will be discussing two in detail. The first cause I take up is sex industry and rape. The relation between the sex industry (pornography, prostitution, etc.) and rape has been argued upon at various forums. A few theorists charge that the acceptance of these sexual practices increases sexual violence against women. The second cause that I am taking up is global trends and economic factors. Under this, many of the factors operating at a national level have an international dimension as well. Global trends, for instance towards free trade, have been accompanied by an increment in the movement of women and girls for labour, including for sex work. These causes apply to India as well as foreign countries. The last cause that I would mention is -“music”-. Just a few months back Indian rapper Honey Singh was penalised for the songs he sang because the Supreme Court felt that his songs instigated sexual violence.

As far as the animal like behaviour of police inspectors is concerned the only thing they must realise is that they are suppose to protect the citizens and not beat them. And that they should do their work with utmost sincerity.

Finally, we come to the last level, i.e. solutions. Just like the causes they are innumerable as well but I shall be mentioning a few of them. Mihira Sood, an advocate, says that rape exists due to a patriarchal society and can only be reduced with a systematic social change and legal reforms. Tripid Pais, also an advocate has a similar take on this. Kiran Bedi, former IPS officer, encourages gender sensitisation.

I believe that the best solution to this problem is -“”women””- themselves. They must fight back courageously. Moreover, they must carry a knife or red chilli powder for self defence as in when needed.
Wake up India! Fight against these crimes!

“Creating the future we want’’

We all desire to live in a world which we foresee or we want. A world so appealing and profound, as if, it were a “dream” that we were living. For a world that good , we have to plan today, we have to think and be clear about the future we want. For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. I feel writing down my thoughts about the world I want to live in, is the best possible way to reach out as otherwise your voice remains unheard or is heard only by a few, unless you are a well-recognized figure. As far as my comprehension of the people across the globe is concerned, for everything they are on the wrong side of things. The reasons are very obvious. They are fickle minded, fearful and have a self obsessed mind-set (‘I, me, myself ‘). Plus, they also lack self-control and have a poor judgmental power of what is right and what is not. It’s painful to see the mentality of the people around who can go to any extent to fulfill their desires. We need to make a contrast between today and our vision of tomorrow. We need to acknowledge the mistakes of our previous actions in order to avoid them in future. We need to blame ourselves for once. For once, let’s point the finger on ourselves. Just for once stop putting the blame on others. In my article, I will bring two contrasting worlds across you: the one we currently inhabit and the other is “my dream world”.

The present scenario assures me of the fact that the fulfillment of my dream is almost next to impossible. So “bad“ is the situation. In this world, people are filling their pockets with dollars; a child suffers due to physical and mental harassment. There are too many struggles regarding various issues, such as safety of women and racial discrimination. In this world, families are unhappy and people are helpless. Human suffering is prevalent here and greed is endless. Illiteracy, unemployment, and deaths due to poverty are very normal in this world. This is a world where there is a bombing of a huge tower with incalculable human loss & grief just for the sake of some obnoxious beliefs. This is a world where one religion doesn’t respect another, where love does not get love. This is a world of sufferings and unfulfilled desires. Very few men are sensitive, or concerned. Most of them are insensitive or selfish. Below are a few examples, of the wrong deeds of man that worsened the global conditions. According to the Huffington Post, A parent tried to bury their child who was admitted in a hospital and was fighting for life. It is difficult to believe that parent can do this to his/her child. Then I told myself, of course they have been doing it definitely and they “can” definitely do it again in future.  The huff post published another article addressing the issue of racial abuse. Even though racial abuse has been a much discussed topic, the conditions do not seem to not improve. Shockingly, reports suggest that a man’s shop was burnt just because he was a black. Then, a UNESCO survey shows, about 22,000 children die due to poverty quietly in a village much away from the conscience of the world and nearly a billion are unable to read or write. To add, almost everyday a woman gets raped or sexually abused in India. Less has to be said about how much we have harmed earth. It might be for industrial or non – industrial purposes. To fill are pockets with dollars. Frustration and struggles persist due to these issues.

The Good (people or deeds) is the food of the world that gives it the energy to survive and fight the diseases, (The ‘Bad’).

The world I foresee is splendid. I wish my thoughts were a reality. I would have been over the moon. In my dream world there is love, compassion, concern, honesty and a live and let live attitude which are the keys to a better future.

Starting with love, which brings about a breeze of fresh air in anyone’s’ life. Each one must love the one who needs it. In my dream world everybody is loved: the physically disabled, the abused, the aged and anyone for that matter. In my world, compassion exists where each one ‘cares’, not only about themselves and there families but about things around them. Countries are not separated by boundaries in my world. In my world, one persons’ pain is shared by many and suffering seems less due to such compassion. Or, I would say in my world people ‘care’ to ‘care‘. Such compassion fades ignorance. Everyone feels ‘cared’ irrespective of their looks, status or job. People take small steps for keeping a check on their carbon footprints by closing taps or switching of lights and fans when not in use. Or perhaps, working on their civic sense. Or, it can be, something as mundane as, working honestly in your office, or voting wisely. Walking on the good path is difficult but in my dream world if not 100% people but 90% do walk on it. They realize the fact that they will suffer and that they will have to face a jeering throng but it is better to live on hope of a happy tomorrow than a life of despair as “Marion Zimmer Bradley” has rightly said. It is not an easy task! But the road that is built by hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built by despair, even though they both lead to the same destination. In addition, in my world people think rationally and patiently about every problem. Violence is no solution. In my world women and children are not abused but respected and protected. Women are the ‘creators’. If we don’t have them, the ‘doomsday’ won’t be far. Respect them instead of hurting them, and they should respect themselves too. (‘If you don’t respect yourself, others will not respect you’). As I mentioned before there will be sane and rational people around. The perfect example will be: a certain politician of India (and there would be many) who spent a whooping 86 crores (tax payer’s money) for the renovation of her house whereas India has half the population living in extreme poverty. Learn to give; learn to share with the needy if you have plenty. I admire the rich business tycoons who donate their riches for common good, in the USA. In my world every country will adopt this policy. Universal peace would persist all across the globe. My world will be violence free. In my world people will live and let live.
Finally, my world is beautiful in which people believe that unity is strength, where people deal with problems as a one big global family as I have mentioned previously in my article. Do the right and condemn the wrong. What kind of a world do you want?

A brilliant life


Three years ago I was in ninth grade and I got an opportunity to attend a session by Andrew cope on “A Brilliant Life”. At the end of the session I managed to get a book by chance on of course the same subject by Mr. Cope himself. As far as the description of the book is concerned, it is a small but a life changing book, only if you abide by the rules it states. In this write up, I will be making a modest attempt to tell you all about the book’s content and the ways in which it guided me.

There was once a young person (consider that person to be “you”) who got by in life. Everything in his life was average. He did alright at school but he was a teenager and it is a known fact that “teenagers moan” about life being unfair to them. Unfair here means that they’ve got homework, coursework, exams and school. And everyone struggles to get out of bed, don’t they? You see, there is nothing lazier than a mortal. Like most teenagers, his negativity or pessimism had become a habit. The turning point came in when he thought about these “negative” habits and began to change them. For this he learned some stuff- and became brilliant. He learned five life changing rules which the person termed it as the “Big five”. The good part was that he did not just learn the big five… he did them. Isn’t that amazing?

So here are those five life changing rules:

*First he chose his attitude. He actually chose to be positive, which was one hell of a task as people around him weren’t, especially in maths. Everyone else as usual continued to moan that life wasn’t fair but the person was not moaning anymore. He realized that school was an opportunity to get on in life. Consequently, he would combat it with a ‘can do’ attitude.

* Next, he learned that when he was positive, good things happened to him. The world was a great place to live in. Lessons were easier. Maths could be real fun. Imagine! Plus, when he was positive he smiled more. It was weird, but he made others feel brilliant too but when he felt rubbish, so did those around him which is spooky. He’d stumbled upon the second of the ‘Big five’. He realized that he was having an enormous impact on those around him- much bigger than he’d ever expected. Moreover, he could choose which impact he had. ‘Positive’ or ‘negative’? It was a tricky decision but he concluded it was the most powerful choice in the world. (He did wonder why nobody else seemed to be making the correct choice, but he didn’t let others’ negative attitude stop him/her from feeling brilliant).

*Thirdly, he set himself some huge goals. Really big ones that were frightening at first. So he broke them down into little steps and started making them happen. Surprisingly enough, a lot of his goals were dependent on how much effort he puts into his school work. He never gave up on his goals- even when things got hard, which was often. This hardness that he faced was due to peer pressure, negativity, laziness and boredom. To add he learned something really interesting. He discovered that even when he did his level best to be brilliant, things still went wrong and sometimes was rock hard. And he could still end up feeling rubbish. It was valid what teenagers said … life wasn’t always fair!

*He did not have many bad days as he learned the fourth point of the ‘Big Five’.  He had ‘bouncebackability’. He’d worked out that an average lifespan would give him 4,000 weeks. This was certainly a big number, but it made him realize that how precious time was. He decided life was too short to waste being anything less than brilliant. When he caught being negative he thought about his 4,000 weeks and immediately bungeed back to being positive. He practised until this became his usual way of thinking.

*He now had four out of the ‘Big five’. He had chosen to be positive, he understood the impact he had, he set big goals for himself and he had bouncebackability. But the last rule was very essential. The final realization was that he had to take responsibility for his life. For teenagers, this was the hardest thing to do! He noticed others blaming their rubbish life on their teachers and relationships and the fact that they did not own the latest designer clothes. As a matter of fact, the more he listened, the more he heard teenagers blaming everyone but themselves. ‘My teachers are rubbish.’ I’ve got a lot of homework.’ ‘My mum nags me.’ ‘My dad makes me come home early, it’s just not fair. ‘Science is so monotonous.’ He noticed it was always someone else who was the culprit. He smiled. He was certain about the fact that his/her happiness wasn’t really about designer clothes. It was only about the choices he made and the positive attitude he carried with him. He’d taken personal responsibility for changing himself. He didn’t blame others any more. He understood that it was about taking charge of his life. He wanted results, not excuses. So he made a massive breakthrough. He stopped thinking about the ‘Big five’ and started doing them instead. In the beginning it was difficult because the energy vampires were everywhere. They excelled at being negative. The energy vampires were brilliant at sucking the positive out of each and every person. They had a point, you know. The weather is always rubbish, isn’t it? So is the traffic. Then there’s school and heaps of homework. And everything else.What a nightmare!                                                                                                                                             He practised being positive, even with energy vampires (he was a very brave young man). He noticed that the sun shone loads. And the cars sometimes moved at 100 mph. And homework was easier, if you did your best. And other things were great too. He tried hard. He was happy even when it rained. There’s nothing to be upset about weather you see. And the more he tried the easier it became. As a result his life changed for the better. He actually wanted to get out of bed. After all, he had goals to achieve. Very soon he became brilliant. Other people noticed his cheerfulness and positive outlook on life. Teachers and parents noticed. His grandparents were very proud. Even his friends noticed. But he noticed it the most. And those around him felt brilliant too.

He got some great grades and a worthwhile career. And lived to a ripe old age (well it was beyond 4000 weeks). He smiled a lot. His wrinkles were happy. And he inspired a lot of people, especially his children. Who turned out brilliant too.

So, this was the ‘Big five’. After reading this book I became much more optimistic about life than I was and this book gave me an urge to live and do well in life. It made me understand that life is all about living and making it right. I am sure it will help you all and make you better people.

Ciao and watch out for my next post.

Money- An overvalued resource


“Simple, genuine goodness is the best capital to found the business of this life upon. It lasts when fame and money fail, and is the only riches we can take out of this world with us.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Men


Money has always been one resource over which people have fought, killed and betrayed for nothing but to acquire it. They did it in the past and they are still doing it, least realising the fact that there are things in this world that are of greater value than -“”money””-. During inflation the value of money might reduce but the value of these -“”things””-, which are of greater value, will never be reduced.  They fail to realize that there are people in this world who have nothing: but at the same time have everything. They fail to realise what actually -“”richness””- is. They fail to realise how poor the rich are! This article will make a humble attempt to throw light on all these points and a few more.

On one hand, the poor have always been looked down upon by the rich. They are the have nots, who hardly have any material possessions. They do not have huge homes or cars but they are the richest. Their richness lies in their goodness and welcoming attitude. For instance, I went to a poor person’s home and not only did they provide me with food, but with a chair to sit on, and every possible thing that they could give me even though they had little left for themselves. It was only that day that I understood what richness was, and, how misunderstood the term is. On the other hand, we have the -“”rich””- or the “haves” who apparently have all objects of luxury and comfort, but the irony is that they actually have nothing. I use a term as strong as -“”nothing””- because they are not sharing. There is no point living in a huge house, having a variety of cars and donning branded clothes every day, which certainly exceed your needs when people around you do not even have a house to hide their heads or clothes to cover their bodies. The rich are actually an “unaware selfish bunch of brats”. (I do not say the entire community of the -“”have’s””- are like this. If it was so, the doomsday wouldn’t have been far.)

I believe that each day I live is to only realise that whatever material possessions I will earn throughout my life must be given to the -“”have not’s””-.  Each day I realize how foolish the world is which does not see anything beyond money. Richness is not just about acquiring dollars, pounds, rupees or yen. Richness is about how much you can share with those in need, how much you can do for others, and how you make sure that when you grow financially everyone around grows with you. It is also about the amount of love you get from the needy, I wish I am able to. I wish many are able to. On the contrary we must try to get love of this kind because there is so much of disparity all around us. For instance, a poor child asked me for water, and at that moment I did not have even a drop of water to give him. Yet another child was having no slippers to protect his feet (his feet were bleeding), while some were without clothes. There is so much pain all around. Not to forget that the pain was due to insensitive people. I call them insensitive, because they could have helped but they chose not to. On top of that, they treated them in a highly unjust manner. I was helpless but they were cruel. Remorse had overpowered me as I remember the most heart-rendering moment of my life. Plus, I was unable to help them, but there is always a second chance to correct yourself. I will correct my mistake by helping them to whatever extent I can, till my last breath. Moreover, we all should help them. After reading this, you all must help such people. Spend a little less on luxuries and save money for them. Give most of your material possessions to them when you cross a certain age bar. I am sure your children will do the same and continue this legacy of giving up what they have. Furthermore, walk the extra mile and cry with them. Keep yourself in their place and try to understand them. Be inspired by the good people around you. All this will encourage you to do more and more for them.

One more point I would like to throw light on, is: Each one of us by heart is the richest person around; each of one us is rich in social terms. For instance, I am the richest girl in the world as I have a beautiful family, I am a good human being, I have great friends – and I have never harmed anyone. I have always wanted that good things happen to -“”everyone””-. I have everything: the courage to fight my battle, without even a bit of harm to anyone, and fight for others too! I have knowledge and love. I must gather more of it in the course of time. I am the richest girl indeed. Similarly, you just need to identify what make’s you the richest person around. So, share, believe and spread love.

Keep on giving and do not over-value money.

Ciao with my next post.





Procrastination is not a bad idea


In the 5 February, 2013, Business Standard edition, I came across a really interesting and different article. The article was in support of procrastination written by Ms Alokananda Chakraborty. Procrastination is something we all indulge in and everyone is bound to relate with this article. I personally loved this article for two reasons: we don’t find such articles everyday in the newspaper, and It was in support of “people of delay” and I am one of them.

Coming to my “subject”(procrastination), delaying a decision until the last possible minute is not a bad idea. We all do it most of the times with some good results. This article by Ms Chakraborty gives us a number of examples, from deal sites to Mr Novak Djokovic’s (ace tennis player) game, In Support of Procrastination.

Let us take up the deal sites. If a specific product is on auction, say, about two seconds before the transaction time comes to an end, a purchaser will appear out of nowhere and outbid the then highest bidder in the blink of an eye by adding on a few hundred more. They will pause to figure out whether they have outbid, and if they are, they start increasing their bid. But as there is such a small gap there’s very little another bidder can really do about it other than cribbing. Moreover, you will see bidders who have been unsuccessful in getting the item they wanted and vent their anger in the feedback section of the website concerned or on social networking sites in general. But the fact is that that is the way the game is played. There is a name for these bidders as well who increase there chances of winning by last-minute bids: they are called auction snipers.
Procrastination has been around for quite a while and if you bother to look around you will see the best athletes and sports players following this strategy in various ways. Let us take the example of ace tennis player Novak Djokovic who won his third consecutive Australian Open title this month. He has been described by sports writers as the master of escapology. He is a man who seems to wait till he finds himself in a completely hopeless position before he unleashes the most devastating tennis on his opponent. I am glad, I am not the -“”opponent””- other-wise I’d have broken my bones or head. Plus, I can well imagine the feeling the opponent must be having. I would describe the feeling as that of -“”utter shock””-. He would go like this: “Hey, just a few minutes back, I was about to win this tournament. what happened suddenly? Anyway, coming back to where I was. Scientists who study the strategies of super fast sportsmen agree that Djokovic’s game is exclusive in that he seems to be able to wait a few milliseconds longer than his opponents before striking the ball.“Djokovic wins because he can procrastinate –at the speed of light”, Professor Frank Partnoy, law and finance at the University of San Diego wrote in an essay for Professor Partnoy has also studied the game of  Jimmy Connors and says the tennis ace transmuted the game by waiting as long as possible before hitting a retreat shot, giving his grey cells more time to examine where the ball was coming from and what speed.

All these issues can be related to the issue of -“”creative waiting””- that artistes vouch for, where the moment of inspiration dawns on them after a lot of hemming and hawing, or they simply wait for it.

It is time to introspect, if you think that -“”speed””- is an overrated characteristic of management literature. Slowing down is balanced by authors with giving the competition the upper hand when it comes to innovation, granting them the leeway to reach consumers with fresh ideas and products before you did. In the long run, it gives your rivals the chance to dominate the market, even with a sub-standard product, just because they got their first. The worst part of this delay is, that it develops your reputation as a follower, rather than as an industry leader. If anything else the progress in technology has made the proponents of this particular school of thought even more vocal and articulate.

The argument goes something like this: There aren’t many technologies that are so unique that they can give one company a long-term edge over the other. With technology offerings fairly standardised across the world, and oceans of information available on the Internet, a company’s trade secrets – whether it is system or methods will be tough to hang to for long. So, the only competitive benefit becomes the enterprise speed – of going from point B to point C faster than the rest of the crew.

This entire thing about speed has a cascading effect on decision-making. Indeed, the capability of taking fast decisions is regarded by various authors as the hallmark of an effective leader. They say you require leaders who can promptly assess the immensity of a situation, recognise the most expedient and most viable course of action, and then act promptly – often without having all the essential information or the time to weigh every feasible option, and then to choose the best way forward-. Author Malcolm Gladwell goes as far as to say that spontaneous decisions are often as good as – or even better than – carefully prepared or considered ones.

The question which thereby arises is what is better,– to speed up or slow down? In the article, it has been put in this manner – Speed might seem correct in the heat of competition pressure, but poorly planned charges in the face of competitor fire is recipe for pure disaster. An intelligent leader is one who is aware of this. He/she also acknowledges the fact that people and teams go through phases of high productivity and phases of recovery, and control the work flow of his teams and their rhythm accordingly.
Ciao, ladies and gentlemen with another article in the near future. Till then take care, God Bless!

2012 in review

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600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 11,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 18 years to get that many views.

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